Speculations end about Ayesha Mano death

Speculations end about Ayesha Mano death

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Speculations end about Ayesha Mano death: Pakistani TikToker Ayesha Mano has responded to the speculations about her death and stated that such rumors are baseless and false and she is very much alive.

Social media sensation Ayesha Mano continues to be in limelight again but this time due to different reasons.

There has been speculations taking rounds on the social media that TikToker Ayesha Mano is no more. Her death hoax has been circulating on the social media platforms and eventually she had to come forward to clarify it.

The famous TikToker rebutted the news items circulating on social media platforms and termed them as false.

The news about her death started circulation after a sad episode in which a few persons who had come on an unidentified car, abandoned an 18 years old girl at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) in mysterious circumstances.

The persons who had brought the girl to the emergency department of JPMC had told the doctors that their friend was not well. However, the girl passed away before any treatment could be given to her. It was learnt that the name of this girl was Ayesha Hanif and the post-mortem of her body revealed that she had died due to overdose of the drugs.

Later on it was also learnt that she belonged to Sheikhupura after which rumors started taking rounds on the social media that the decease girl was known TikToker Ayesha Mano.

The police started conducting investigation into the matter and some several social media users claimed that it was the same girl that rose to fame with her dance performance on ‘Mera Dil Yay Pukare Aaja.’  There was almost complete state of confusion and some net users shared pictures of Ayesha Mano as the deceased girl which was brought to the JPMC.

At this juncture of time Ayesha Mano shared two of her stories on Instagram in which she lamented these speculations.

She said that false information is not only irresponsible but also it also shows lack of respect (for others).

“For God’s sake, you guys have no idea what kind of circumstances this ridiculous rumor may create in anyone’s life…I have never sought attention or created any kind of hype, so why are you all trying to mess up my life?” the TikToker was quoted as saying by some  media outlets.

The TikToker was of the opinion that the people who are sharing her picture even don’t know her real name. She maintained that she never exaggerated or sensationalized anything about others’ lives. Moreover, she said that she would not accept any interference in her life from anyone.



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