Soaring suicide attacks in Pakistan claim over 200 lives in seven months

Soaring suicide attacks in Pakistan claim over 200 lives in seven months

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Soaring suicide attacks in Pakistan claim over 200 lives in seven months: Pakistan is grappling with a distressing surge in suicide attacks, witnessing a significant rise in fatalities and injuries compared to the previous year.

The country has already experienced 18 suicide attacks in the first seven months of 2023, resulting in the loss of more than 200 lives and leaving over 450 others injured. This alarming figure has surpassed the total number of suicide attacks recorded in the entirety of 2022, which stood at 15, stated a press release issued by Islamabad based think tank on Monday.

According to it the most severely affected region has been the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (erstwhile FATA), accounting for half of the total suicide attacks in 2023.

Nine of these attacks have struck the area, leading to the tragic demise of approximately 60 people, while over 150 others sustained injuries. Notably, the deadliest attack of the year in the tribal region occurred during a JUIF gathering on Sunday, July 30th.

Mainland KP faced its own share of devastation, with four suicide attacks causing the deaths of more than 110 people and leaving 245 injured. Among them, the Peshawar Police Line attack stood out as the deadliest in the country, claiming the lives of over 100 individuals.

Balochistan also experienced a troubling wave of violence, encountering at least four suicide attacks within the first seven months of 2023. Tragically, 14 people lost their lives, and 27 others were injured in these attacks.

Additionally, one reported suicide attack occurred in Sindh, resulting in the deaths of five individuals and injuring 18 others, the press release concluded.

Pakistan has been facing significant challenges with terrorism for the past many years.

Over the years, the country has been affected by various terrorist activities carried out by both domestic and international extremist groups. Here are some key points about terrorism in Pakistan up to that point:

Extremist groups: Pakistan has been dealing with several extremist and terrorist organizations.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP): The TTP is one of the most prominent militant groups in Pakistan. It was formed in 2007 as an alliance of various militant factions and has been involved in numerous attacks targeting both civilians and security forces.

Sectarian violence: Pakistan has also witnessed sectarian violence, with clashes between different religious groups leading to loss of lives and property.

State response: The Pakistani government and security forces have undertaken various military operations and counter-terrorism measures to combat the threat of terrorism. These operations have resulted in the weakening and displacement of some terrorist groups.

International involvement: The United States has been actively engaged in supporting Pakistan’s efforts to combat terrorism, providing financial and military aid. However, the relationship between the two countries has been complex, and there have been tensions over issues related to counterterrorism and regional stability.

Challenges: Despite efforts to address the issue, terrorism in Pakistan remains a significant concern. Factors such as poverty, political instability, weak governance in certain regions, and the presence of safe havens for terrorists along the border with Afghanistan have contributed to the persistence of the problem.







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