Snowcapped Ganga Choti presenting magical view

A view of Ganga Hill before it was snowcapped


Heavy snowfall has further beautified stunning picnic spot of AJK, Ganga Choti or Ganga Hill in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

The hill which is situated in District Bagh of AJK received heavy snowfall during the ongoing winter season.

Situated around 80 kilometre away from capital territory of Pakistan, Islamabad Ganga Choti has been a very attractive place for tourists for the past couple of decades.

Generally people all around Pakistan visit this place during summer days. During summer season it becomes hard to reserve room in a descent hotel in District Bagh due to heavy number to tourists in the area.

However in winter days the hill also provides stunning view when it is snowcapped. There are some visitors who love to see this marvelous view despite facing chilly weather in the area.

There are a few quite reasonable hotels in the District Bagh which provide quality accommodation throughout the year for the visitors. However, the local face a lot of hardships during the winter season as it becomes really tough to keep warm themselves due to scarcity of resources.



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