Six-year-old Wardah sees different colours of life in her paintings

Talented six-year-old Wardah Shabih Zehra sees different colours of life in her paintings

Wardah’s paintings and drawings reflect that she is far superior in her artwork compared with her tender age

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Though she is too little, she has an ability to paint a bigger view of life in her artworks. Amazingly Wardah Shabih Zehra who is six-year-old daughter of a seasoned journalist and writer (Qadeer Hussain Tanoli) has captured a unique view to see life from an abstract position.

This position has a lot to explore in colours and other than the colours (gaps and missings) that finally culminates into a totality. She has no any exact ideas to relate things with the totality of life but the way she paints different parts of life, speak a lot about her innovative and artistic skills.

Wardah’s Artwork carries no barriers: A study of her artworks underlines that she has no any walls and barriers in her mind and instead she has a vision that connects the world with path of strength, love and light. In her world bigger is so kind and small has no fears of being negated or to be finished. In her paintings, the water is a source of inspiring for her; she sees love and lovely cover or umbrella for all creatures where everyone appears to be kind enough.

Rather might is a supportive character for weak characters. Her response towards human beings is also too creative and humanistic as she sees a chain of friendly relationships between people.

Wardah’s paintings: Her paintings highlight that an abstract style of painting choses parents, family members, friends as an integral part of each others. Interestingly she identifies and recognises different objects and characters with some marks and short names as the part of her life. She in her works tries to trace the rootes and rather an organic connection between the people living around her. She seems too keen to identify and develop creative understanding between the life, living and the objects present in her surroundings.

Certainly she has no any perfect understanding on the use of colours but she has a choice of applying colours of her own choice to discover the objective world that also indicates her vision and eye to see life differently in artistic terms.

Another brilliant artwork by Wardah
Wardah’s artwork
Another painting of the little painter


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