SIUT emerges as the largest centre for Covid-19 treatment

SIUT emerges as the largest centre for Covid-19 treatment

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Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) has claimed to emerged as the country’s largest medical institution for the care of immune compromised patients highlighting the need for adopting special strategy to protect those segments of patients who are on life-long dialysis, cancer and transplantation, stated a press release issued by SIUT on Monday.

The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the need for managing these patients in specialized centres and with growing number of such patients SIUT has become the largest centre of covid treatment for immune-compromised patients in the country.

A medical investigation carried by the Institute clinical team which was  released today said there are over 16,000 patients who fall in the follow-up category of immune-compromised patients and these include patients who are on transplant, on lifelong dialysis and those suffering from cancer. The study maintained that these patients face higher risk of coronavirus exposure mainly because their immunity to fight infection is severely compromised.

The investigation further highlights that the institute takes care of over 6,000 dialysis patients on annual basis providing 1,100 free sessions per day.

They pointed out that this procedure is a lifesaving exercise and no patient can be withdrawn. The situation according to medical experts gets more complicated because treatment of Covid-19 in this segment of the population is a complex task as these patients cannot be protected from viral exposure. Dialysis patients are partially immune-compromised and at threat of a high risk of infection due to close contact with blood and body fluids of patients requiring close and intensive monitoring.

The SIUT which provides all treatment free of cost acted proactively when the coronavirus erupted in the country.

As a pioneer of renal transplant in the country the SIUT has also a lifetime follow up of over 5,000 renal transplant patients. These transplant recipients are also unique due to their fully immune-compromised status. These patients may be asymptomatic but may have severe diseases with fulminant course.

Transplant medications have drug interactions with medications used in Covid-19 which again is challenging.

The SIUT has also more than 5,000 cancer patients availing anti-cancer treatment facilities and can also present with serious and sometimes fulminant course needing intensive and prolonged treatment.

With more isolation wards and ICUs opening in Civil Hospital and JPMC in public sector and three centres privately, we welcome the efforts of hospitals joining hands in saving lives of covid-19 patients, further stated the press release.

This will help SIUT to re-double its efforts for the treatment of high-risk patients of dialysis, transplant and cancer.


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