Sexual violence against children

Sexual violence against children

Sessions Court Sahiwal awards 55 years rigorous imprisonment to each of four criminals involved in the sexual abuse of children and making videos of this happening
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Sexual violence against children: The Sahiwal Sessions Court has sentenced the criminals who sexually abused children and made immoral videos of this immoral activity under the cover of marriage bureau.
They have been sentenced each to 55 years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs250,000 have been imposed on each of them in the verdict of the court.
Tariq, Asif and Rayasat are among the four criminals who have been sexually assaulting beggar children and the children who had run away from their schools.
These children were forced to perform sexual activities in Fine Marriage Center which is situated in Al-Quraysh Town in the area of Farid Town Police Station, Sahiwal.
A criminal Hafiz Ihtsham was sentenced up to twenty years of imprisonment with hard labor and a fine of one million rupees also imposed on him.

Sex crime against children in Sahiwal. The image of the FIR of the case.

Additional Sessions Judge Ghazala Yasmin sentenced all the criminals after they were found guilty during the proceedings of the court. A written order was also issued in which it was stated that as the result of nonpayment of fine, the criminals would serve one and a half years more vigorous imprisonment.
A case was registered against the criminals in Farid Town police station in September 2021, after which videos and USBs, mobile phones and memory cards were also recovered from the criminals. All the criminals involved in the incident are imprisoned in Central Jail Sahiwal.
According to the FIR of the case, a copy of which is available with, the police learnt about the immoral activities taking place at the marriage bureau through a special source. It learnt that a few persons do sexual activities with children under the cover of marriage bureau.
According to the FIR, these persons while doing sexual activities in which ‘sucking’ and ‘sodomizing’ was also involved, they used to capture videos on their cellular phones.
The police raided the marriage bureau and arrested four persons who afterwards told their names as Tariq Javed, Riyasat Ali, Asif and Hafiz Ahtisham alias Shani.
The police searched their phones in which they recovered 46 identical videos of sodomizing and sucking by these criminals involving minor children.
Moreover, an USB of 64 GB was also recovered in which sodomizing and sucking videos, involving one to three children, had also been recovered by the police.
Hafiz Ahtishan not only used to capture these videos but he also used to take part in these immoral activities.
The police through investigation learnt that a criminal Riyasat Ali was serving as a hawker for the past many years at New Chaudhry Bus Stand.
He used to harass the children who had run away from school or they were involved in begging at the bus stand. He used to take these children at the marriage bureau where these immoral activities were done with the victim children.


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