Scholar Dale, American International School torture incident

Scholar Dale, American International School torture incident

Girl beaten after refusing to drink alcohol in Scarsdale International School in Lahore, Pakistan

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An unfortunate incident of torturing a student by a few other fellow students in Scholar Dale, American International School has created a stir on social media and the netcitizens are still criticizing the event despite the lapse of many hours.

The unfortunate incident’s video made rounds on social media and became the top trend on Twitter in Pakistan and this issue was also taken up by some media outlets and they wrote news items on it.

A video went viral on the social media platforms, especially Twitter in which a girl is being beaten and abused by her school fellows at Scholar Dale, American International School or Scholar Dale, American International School in DHA Lahore.

In the viral video the bullied student appears to be powerless against three female classmates who are sitting on body and pushing her head to the floor.

These classmates while sitting on her body are making fun of her and it appears that they are enjoying this episode. Afterwards it is learnt that they bullied her as she had refused to drink alcohol.

The perpetrators are seen in the viral video while grabbing hair, kicking and slamming the poor girl’s body to the floor.

The background voices suggest that there are others who are viewing this sad incident and they are not doing anything to stop these girls from bullying their classmate.

Afterwards the father of the bullied student registered an FIR with Police Station Defence (A) Lahore against this event.

According to the FIR the complainant Imran Younas, the father of the bullied girl, stated that his daughter was beaten by her classmates Jannat Malik, Umaima Malik and Noor Rehman.

He alleged that an accused, Jannat Malik, is a addicted to drugs and she had wanted to involve his daughter into drugs but she refused.

According to the complainant, he forwarded a video to Jannat’s father (pertaining to her drug addiction) after which Janat had developed a grudge (against his daughter).

He said afterwards Janat along with her sister, Kainat Malik, Umaima Qaiser and others targeted her daughter, Aliha Imran. According to the registered FIR, Umaima, who is a boxer, dragged her daughter to the canteen where other accused girls were also present.

They tortured her and stole a gold chain and locket of her as well.

“Afterwards I took my daughter to the hospital where a medical examination confirmed that my daughter was badly tortured,” maintained the FIR.

According to the FIR, others who were present on this occasion made videos of the incident and they shared them on social media. The complainant has also mentioned to take up this case to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take further action against it.

Meanwhile the Sessions Court of Lahore granted interim bail to the students Umaima Qaiser, Janat Malik and Kainat Malik.



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