Saudi YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad dies

Saudi YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad dies

The death of Aziz Al-Ahmad, who was known for his comic videos, deeply saddened his fans

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A famous Saudi Youtuber, Aziz Al-Ahmad, passed away in his native town in Saudi Arabia at 27.

He was also known by his nickname ‘Al-Qazm’, which is the Arabic for a dwarf.

He was followed by many people worldwide on his Youtube Channel and some other social media platform.

His sudden death has left his fan following deeply saddened, expressing their condolence messages on various social media platforms. The condolences started pouring after his sad demise, and net citizens believed that a sweet character was no more with them.

Aziz Al-Ahmad was born in Riyadh in 1995, and in his childhood, he developed growth problems resulting from a genetic disease and hormonal disorder.

The footage is being shared of him on social media platforms in which the Saudi Youtuber is lying in a hospital bed, and a woman asks him to give a message to his fan club, reported a media outlet.

It added that he replies that he loves them too much. When asked whether he is feeling better, he replies: “Yes, I do.”

The deceased Youtuber used to create funny videos viewed by millions of people. He had a fan following in different countries where Arabic is spoken. He was also an adorable figure in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ahmad’s death is a significant loss for the Saudi YouTube community and the many fans who have come to know and love him through his videos. He will be remembered for his unique sense of humor and ability to connect with his audience.

The YouTuber’s death is a big loss for the Saudi YouTube community and the followers who loved him for his unique sense of humor and ability to connect with his audience through his videos. His sudden passing has left many in shock and grief.

Aziz Al-Ahmad will be deeply missed by all who knew him, and his legacy will live on through the videos and memories he left behind.

After being diagnosed with a hormonal disorder, his family tried to get medical treatment for this disease, but he could not be cured.


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