Samjhuata Express Blast


Samjhuata Express blast: Pakistani Victims in Indian Custody since 2007  

By Chronicler


During another meeting of the chairman of Senate’s panel on Interior Senator A Rehman Malik with the victims of Samjhuata Express it has been revealed  that many Pakistanis who got injured in the blast were taken in custody by Indian Intelligence Agencies and were shifted to unknown places and they are missing since that day.

The revelations into this effect were made by the victims of 2007 Samjhuata Express blast who called on Senator A Rehman Malik again today on Friday in Parliament House Islamabad, stated a press release issued by Media Coordinator of Senator Malik on Friday.

The meeting was commenced with offering of Fateha for the departed souls of those who lost their lives in Samjhuata Express blast whose family are still waiting for justice.

The aim of the meeting was to make further deliberation on the case and to record statement of those victims who couldn’t record their statement on Thursday (May 16) before the Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Interior.

The meeting was attended by Rana Shaukat Ali, Mubasher Hassan, Raheela Wakil and number of other affectees of Samjhuata Express.

Mubasher Hassan whose brother was travelling through Samjhuata Express the day of blast and is among the missing persons since that day told Senator A. Rehman Malik that his brother was found in a hospital without any serious injuries but was to be discharged in two days but he was taken by Indian officials and since then he was missing. He added that eyewitness told him that his brother and some forty more injured were taken by Indian agencies and were shifter to some unknown places.

Senator Malik expresses great concerns over the missing and disappearance of those Pakistani passengers who got injured in the blast. He said India should had safely sent them to Pakistan. He said he will leave no stone unturned to deliver justice to the victims of Samjhuata Express blast and he will be pursuing it till its logical conclusion. He said that United Nations and other human rights organisations must take notice of the Indian court verdict in which all the accused were acquitted.

Senator Rehman Malik said that he is in consultations with law expert regarding filing of the case against India in International Court of Justice. He said that many revelations were made about Samjhuata Express blast and soon he will be holding a press Confrence to expose the real face of India before the world.

He said that Congress and BJB are blaming each other for Samjhuata Express blast adding that either BJP or the Congress is involved but we Pakistanis want justice. Senator A. Rehman Malik said that is no more a secret that Indian Agency RAW has carried out blast of Samjhuata Express through Col. Purohit whose and the RAW role was well exposed by DIG Karkare. He said RAW killed DIG Karkare later for his honest investigation as he had exposed RAW and Indian Army role in carrying out the blast.

Senator Rehman Malik firmly vowed to move the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and United Nations (UN) for the families of the 2007 Samjhuata Express bombing victims.

Earlier Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik had joined the protest of victims’ families of Samjhauta Express in front of Parliament House and took their matter in the Senate Standing Committee on Interior for further deliberation.

The families of the victims who lost their lives in the 2007 Samjhauta Express blast were protesting outside Parliament House against the verdict of Indian Court in which the four accused of the blast including Swami Aseemanand were acquitted despite of all evidences for their involvement. They said that for nearly 12 years they waited for a verdict that they could give justice to them but in vain.

Senator joined the protest of the victim families on their request and convinced them to go inside Parliament as their matter is of highest national interest and shall be taken up in the meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Interior. The victim families included Rana Shoukat Ali, Raheela Wakeel and some 20 others attended the meeting duly presided by Senator A. Rehman Malik, in which their statements were recorded. The meeting was also attended by the senior officials from Ministry of Law and Interior.

Rana Shoukat Ali had lost five children including three sons and two daughters in the said blast of Samjhauta Express is the eye witness of the whole tragedy as how the Indian terrorists managed to carry out the attack, further stated the press release.




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