Report sought on banned outfits’ activists’ release

[wp_ad_camp_1]Report sought on release activists of proscribed outfits in Balochistan

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Senate’s panel  on Interior on Friday sought detailed report from the Ministry of Interior  about actions so far taken against terrorists and banned outfits involved in killing of Hazara Community.

The chairman of the panel Senator Rehman Malik also directed to submit a report about the release of activists of banned outfits in near past in Balochistan.

On the serious concerns shown by the members of the committee, Senator Malik, directed that the next meeting of the panel will be held in Quetta specifically on the agenda of killing of people from Hazara Community.

He directed the Ministry of Interior to submit a comprehensive report on Quetta blast and also apprise the Committee about the actions so far taken against the terrorists and banned outfits involved in Hazara Killings. He also directed to submit a report about the release of activists of banned outfits in near past in Balochistan.

Senate Standing’s committee on Interior has strongly condemned the terrorist attack of Bomb blast at Sabzi Mandi, Hazarganji, Quetta today on Friday, wherein initially twenty innocent people were martyred and dozens injured.

The committee sought report from Government of Balochistan over the incident and announced that the next of the Committee will be held in Quetta to get briefing on the killing of people of Hazara Community. The Committee expressed great grief over the loss of human lives and expressed sympathies with the families of those who were martyred.

According to a press release the meeting was held under the chairmanship of Senator Malik here at the Parliament House on Friday and was attended among others by Senators Azam Khan Swati, Dr Shahzad Wasim, Kalsoom Parveen, Muhammad Javed Abbasi, Asad Ali Khan Junejo, Kauda Babar and Sardar Shafique Tareen. Additional Secretary Interior, Chairman and DG NADRA, DIG Police Sindh, DPO Hripur and senior officials from Ministry  of  Law & Justice also attended the meeting.

Senator Malik said our hearts and soul are with the victim families of Quetta Blast and we share their pains and sorrows. He said that behind terrorist activities in Balochistan, the involvement of our enemy countries cannot be ignored as such blasts are aimed at inciting sectarian clashes in the country to destabilize Pakistan. The Shia Hazara community of Balochistan is being targeted continuously since long and it is time to bring an end to their killings by taking fierce actions against terrorists and banned outfits. He said that he had already called a special meeting for briefing on the implementation of National Action Plan (NAP), however, on the request of Ministry of Interior some more time was given to the Ministry for the said briefing.

Members of the Committee while expressing great grief, strongly condemned the Quetta blast and urged the Ministry of Interior to implement National Action Plan (NAP) in its true letter and spirit. Senator Sardar Shafiq Tareen said that it is not for the first time that Shia Hazara community is being targeted but they are under continuous attacks by the terrorists. He said that it is shocking that the people of Hazara community are being escorted by Police and FC to the markets and other places; till when it would go like this, he questioned. Senator Kauda Babar while expressing great concern over the Quetta blast said that it is time to uproot terrorism from the country. He said involvement of foreign hand in terrorists’ activities inside Balochistan must not be ignored. Senator Kalsoom Parveen said that the number of victims can be increased as on Friday a large number of vendors and buyers come to sell and buy vegetables for the whole week. Senator Dr Shahzad Wasim said that we are united against our enemies as by such act of terrorism enemies want to destabilize Pakistan.

Opening of NADRA’s offices directed in Mali, Zimbabwe etc: The committee considered and discussed in detail wherein Chairman Senator Malik directed the Ministry of Interior to order opening of NADRA’s offices in above countries that overseas Pakistanis can be facilitated the maximum. He said he has received dozens of complaints from Pakistanis residing in the Mali, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique that they are facing unavoidable problems in getting their CNIC and registering their children. He said Pakistanis living there have to travel to other adjacent countries for getting their documents. The NADRA Chairman briefed the committee about feasibility of opening NADRA offices in above said countries. The Chairman Committee directed to depute the services of an employee in respective embassies of these countries to facilitate the Pakistani nationals there. Chairman NADRS assured the committee that online system to be made easier that applicants can apply online. Senator A. Rehman Malik expressed concerns over the closing of NADRA offices in Balochistan which he had directed to open as then Interior Minister.    Senator Kauda Baber informed the committee that on the direction of Senator A. Rehman Malik NADRA offices were opened in many far plunged areas of the province. Senator Malik also directed the Ministry of Interior to reopen the NADRA and passport offices in Balochistan.

He said that the committee will be visiting passport and NADRA offices in Balochistan during its visit to the province. He said that Supreme Court has already directed that a NADRA office shall be opened in area with population of more than 10 thousands. He also directed that keeping in view the current security situation, more security features may be included in National Identity Card, adding that he had already proposed the conduction of DNA test and mentioning of Blood group.  Malik constituted a Sub-Committee to be headed by Senator Kalsoom Parveen to conduct meeting with NADRA and formulate necessary recommendation.

Sindh Police performance appreciated: The committee considered the matter of death of five persons including four children and their mother hailing from the Province of Balochistan in Qasr-e-Naz, Karachi. The DIG Police, Sindh briefed the Committee about the incident wherein he stated that the Police rushed to the crime scene after the incident reported to the Police Department. He said that initially alongwith Sindh Food Authority the death was investigated for food poisoning and all the related persons were taken into custody. However, later on, some white powder were found in the room which was identified as Phosphine. He informed the Committee that the actual cause of death of the children and mother was the phosphine chemical which was used for the purpose of fuming in the room. He stated that so far nine people are taken into custody and the Police is further investigating the matter.

Malik highly appreciated the Sindh Police for their professional and scientific investigation into the matter and disclosing about the most injurious chemical of phosphine. He further stated that awareness should be created among the masses about the use of phosphine in household. He directed the Ministry of Interior to award police medals to the Police officers and officials including Sharjeel, DIG Police and his team who investigated the matter.

Murder & sexual assault of 7 year old boy in Khanpur, Haripur: The DPO Haripur Dr Zahidullah briefed the Committee in detail about murder and sexual assault of Umer Nawaz aged 7/8 years. He briefed the Committee that upon the registration of complaint against accused namely Shoaib Memhmood S/o Khalid Mehmood, Police immediately reached the spot, crime scene was preserved, relevant evidence was obtained, and the crime scene was photographed, video tapped and geo tagged. He stated that the accused Shoaib was arrested and sent for medical examination, the sample were sent to Khyber Medical College Peshawar for sampling DNA and the accused was presented before Magistrate and physical remand for two days was obtained. The accused confessed the crime before Judicial Magistrate to have committed the murder and sexual assault of 7 year old Umer Nawaz. The accused was sent to Central Jail, Haripur and trial is underway in the Court of Law. The Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior, Senator A. Rehman Malik and Members of the Committee highly appreciated DR. Zahidullah, DPO Haripur, and his team who investigated the matter to the conclusion. The Chairman Committee recommended Police medals / awards for DPO Haripur and his team for their excellent performance. He said that there is an alarming increase in the number of child sex abuse incidents followed by death of children. He emphasized that there is a need to improve the law to create deterrence for criminals and perpetrators of such heinous crimes, in future.



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