Repatriation of stranded Tablighis sought

Repatriation of stranded Tablighis sought

Pak Chronicle Report


The third meeting of the Functional Committee for the Affectees of Coronavirus (COVID-19) was chaired by Asad Qaiser, Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan on Wednesday at Parliament House, stated a press release issued by Ministry of Interior on Thursday.

The issue of repatriation of stranded Tablighis / Zaireen and the ordeals faced by them, were discussed in detail during the meeting.

Shehryar Afridi, Minister of State for SAFRON, briefed the House and lauded the services of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Provincial Home Departments including Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) for effectively steering the repatriation of stranded Tablighis and Zaireens to their home towns / countries.

He also mentioned that although there was overall satisfaction of the whole exercise, there were a few behavioral and other complaints against certain Deputy Commissioners and other officers / officials, which must be checked and rectified forthwith.

After detailed discussion, the Speaker National Assembly advised the Ministry of Interior to immediately convey to all the Chief Secretaries and Chief Commissioner ICT to ensure immediate repatriation of all the stranded Tablighis / Zaireen, in accordance with the prevailing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs,) notified by the health authorities and District Administration.

In view of the above, it is requested that all the Deputy Commissioners may kindly be advised to facilitate repatriation of all those stranded Tablighis / Zaireen who fulfil the SOPs, before 1st of Ramadhan. Strict disciplinary action be initiated against those who are neglecting their responsibilities.



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