Rehman Malik predicts big jolts in Pakistan due to another Panama Leaks

Rehman Malik predicts big jolts in Pakistan due to another Panama Leaks

Pak Chronicle Report

Senator Rehman Malik has predicted big surprises in Pakistan due other another episode of Panama Leaks.

He states that soon another Panama Leaks would land in Pakistan which would have the consequences of big jolts.

Senator Malik who is also the Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Interior and known as well-informed person in a Tweet on Wednesday revealed revelation of another Panama Leak.  He states that various Pakistan secret owners would be exposed after the revelation of another Panama Leaks.

“Another Panama like leaks will land soon in Pakistan from UK/ Europe -Millions of documents r going to be leaked from a corporate services firm from Lond & will soon reach to Pak media. Many Pakistani secret owners will be unmasked soon & this episode will give a big jolt,” he stated.

This is pertinent to mention here that the first Panama Leak had devastating impacts on the political scenario of Pakistan as it has resulted in disqualification of former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Prior to Panama Leaks fewer citizens of Pakistan had knowledge as what the offshore companies had meant and what were the consequences of being owner to a company like it.

Even former Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had admitted before the national media in a press conference during that period that prior to these leaks he had little knowledge about offshore companies. The landing of the first episode of Panama Leaks had changed the political landscape of Pakistan. However, nobody knows as what would be the consequences of the second episode, if it comes as predicted by Senator Malik, on Pakistan.


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