Reality behind cat in blender

Reality behind cat in blender

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There seems to be an unending marathon race on the internet for viral content and there are some people who can go to any length to create a viral video regardless of the fact what implications they would carry .

There are some viral contents which are absolutely not appealing to one’s aesthetic sense. They are harmful in nature and they can shake you emotionally for several days after viewing them.

One such video is the infamous ‘cat in a blender’ video which was recently posted on the internet which has invited a lot of criticism from the netcitizens. In this video a man can be seen putting a cat into the blender and then he turns-on the blender.

One doesn’t need to be a scientist to ascertain what might be the outcome of this exercise if the video is real and not a work of animation.

The video ‘cat in blender’ does have some moral and ethical implications and there is a need to make a debate on the matter.

Regardless of the fact whether this video is a real one or it is a piece of animation work, there should be restrictions on making such videos which depict cruelty on any being whether it is a cat or any other creature.

It is yet to be investigated why some persons create such videos and for what purpose they post it on the internet.

Certainly there is a dark side of the internet and videos like it are proof to establish the fact that everything on the internet is not rosy.

There should be check and balance on such videos and the authorities concerned should come forward and stop this practice.

History of cat in blender: In the world of viral videos, there is no shortage of adorable animal content. But one video in particular that has captured the hearts of millions is the “Cat in Blender” animation created using Blender, a popular 3D modeling and animation software.

The video, which was posted on YouTube in 2005, features a cute and curious kitten exploring a kitchen counter before jumping into a blender. But instead of meeting a gruesome end, the kitten is magically transported to a serene outdoor setting, much to the relief of viewers around the world.

The animation was created by Dutch artist and animator Roelof Pieters, who has since gone on to work on projects for companies like Disney and Pixar. Pieters created the video as part of a Blender tutorial series he was working on at the time, but it quickly gained a life of its own as viewers shared it on social media and blogs.

What makes the “Cat in Blender” video so compelling is not just its adorable subject matter, but also the impressive skill and attention to detail that Pieters brings to the animation. The kitten’s movements are realistic and playful, and the kitchen and outdoor settings are beautifully rendered with textures and lighting that make them feel like real places.

But the real magic of the video is in the way it subverts our expectations. At first, we are horrified by the idea of a cat being blended. But then we are delighted by the unexpected twist that takes the kitten to a peaceful outdoor setting, where it can continue its adventures without any harm.

The “Cat in Blender” video has since spawned countless remixes, parodies, and imitations, but the original remains a classic example of the power of viral content to capture our imaginations and tug at our heartstrings. And it serves as a reminder that even the most mundane or unexpected subject matter can be transformed into something truly magical with the right combination of creativity and technical skill.







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