Splitting Lanes of Usmanpura

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Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad and garrison city Rawalpindi are fondly called the twin cities but when it comes to comparison both demonstrate hairsplitting differences to astonish citizens and tourists alike.

Rawalpindi’s narrowest street situated in locality of Usmanpura

Islamabad, being the capital of the country, is also the most modern city of Pakistan, where luxurious bungalow, ultramodern streets, and state-of-the-art arteries, inspire the the visitors in sharp contrast to their native cities of Pakistan.

On the other side of the IJP Road, a burgeoning city of Rawalpindi thrives with more diversified nooks and crannies. What to talk about landmarks! This garrison city houses neighbourhoods and streets, brimming with distinct features. Some of its residential precincts have all the potential to eclipse minimalism on societal level.

In Rawalpindi, you can find houses, which have been constructed over one-and-half marla piece of land. One marla of land is equal of 272.25 square feet or around 30 square yards.

Moving from Liaquat Road towards Rawalpindi’s famous Raja Bazar, sprawled a locality named Usmanpura, which has the distinction of having the narrowest street of the town. This area is downtown of the garrison city which was heavily populated long before the Indian partition.

Having width of three feet or so this street of Usmanpura enables inhabitants to carry out their routine life with bit comfort. Otherwise if they want to pass from some wider streets they would have to travel a long distance to get to Liaquat Road.

This street is so narrow that even motorcyclists don’t dare ride on it.  It’s the rare phenomenon because these bikers generally don’t spare footpaths if the main road is congested with traffic or it has been closed for vehicles due to any reason.



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