Rawalpindi traders vow to resist order of selling food items in packing


Banners on behalf of traders have been erected on Murree Road which state that selling only packed food items is unacceptable to them.Pak Chronicle Report


The traders of Rawalpindi of different wholesale and retail markets vow to resist any attempt of Punjab Food Authority forcing them to sell only packed food items of some registered company.

They have placed numbers of banners all around the city, especially on main thoroughfares in which they maintained that they would resist the move of the authority to put ban on selling of unpacked food items. They are of the view that they are fully cooperating with the provincial food authority in its campaign against adulteration in food items. However, they are also expressing commitment to resist the move of the authority to make the traders bound to sell only packed items with registration certificate of the company over it issued by the authorities concerned.

There are food items in wholesale and retail markets in Pakistan which are not packed and they don’t have any trademark of some registered company over them.

According to sources privy to these developments recently bulk of spices in a wholesale market of Rawalpindi were confiscated when it was found they were unfit for human consumption.

This led the food authority to impose ban on selling of unregistered and unpacked food items.

One may observe number of food items which are being sold at different shops which have no packing, no name of the company and no expiry date on them.

This is practice is open violation of rules and regulations. This sort of unhealthy practice may lead to serious health related consequences on consumption of these food items.

This has also been seen in many cases that if an item has fully followed rules and regulations in its packed food items, the expiry date mention on it would be hardly readable. Tempering with expiry date is another serious issue which needs to be tackled by the authorities concerned. Sometime one needs microscope to read expiry date on cooking oil or ghee of different brands.

There are number of bakery items including biscuits, breads and so many other food items which may found being sold at various shops in packing but they bear no trademark or registration of the company which manufactured it.

In case of any untoward incident due to consumption of these unregistered food items, it become impossible for the authorities to identify the companies/persons involved in it and take action against them.

Haji Noor Khan, a trader of food item in the city told this scribe that its good move of the Punjab Food Authority to ban those items which don’t bear any name or trademark of the company. He said generally as the unpacked food items are less expensive so the traders like them to sell to get good profit on them. However, according to him this is not good for the consumers who pay their hard-earned income to purchase these items and they may develop health related issues on consumption of these items. “Let there be some check on the quality of these food items for the safety and protection of the citizens. What’s wrong if the government wants only those items to be sold which have been prepared and packed following all precautionary measures for the sake of health of the citizens,” he remarked.

Everybody knows the importance of milk in the daily life as this is basic necessity of children and grown up persons. The fresh milk sellers sell milk in every street of the city but there is hardly any check on them as far as quality is concerned. These sellers get their supply of milk directly from the dairy farms and sell it in a large steel container.

Selling of adulteration-free milk is a dream as generally water is added to it to enhance it quantity. There are sellers of who also add powdered milk into fresh milk to give it better look.

There are a few fresh milk sellers who use sell synthetic milk to customers. This think look like milk but it is not milk at all.  The authorities concerned should also check the quality of fresh milk and make milk sellers bound to sell only adulteration free milk.




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