Rasheed Ahmed appointed Media Coordinator

Rasheed Ahmed appointed Media Coordinator

Pak Chronicle Report


Tahafuz Foundation Cabinet unanimously has appointed senior photo journalist Rasheed Ahmed as Media Coordinator.

This decision was made in an online meeting presided over by Tahafuz  Foundation President  Advocate Malik Saleh Muhammad on Saturday in which Senior Vice President Prof Raftaz Kayani, General Secretary Asif Baig Advocate, Finance Secretary Farhan Sheikh, Secretary Broadcasting Habib Ali, Founders Members Hassan Hamid, Amjad Malik and Abdul Salam Malik Saleh Muhammad Advocate participated.

The participants of the online meeting decided to appoint Photo Journalist Rasheed Ahmed as Media Coordinator while viewing his extensive experience spanning over 15 years in the media industry.

All members agreed that the Tahafuz foundation would make broad efforts to give more and more protection to all those persons who have been affected by the pandemic coronavirus.

It was agreed to make more efforts to meet the financial needs so that more people can be helped in this difficult situation.

Moreover Asif Mahmood has also been appointed as a special volunteer for the Coronavirus Aid Fund to raise donations abroad in the Corona Relief Fund set up by the Tahafuz Foundation.

Rasheed Ahmad’s responsibilities as the media coordinator would be to highlight the Tahafuz Foundation’s activities in media industry. Meanwhile the Tahafuz Foundation’s cabinet has appealed to the general public across Pakistan to give more donations to the Corona Relief Funds.


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