Qazi-ul-Quzat of Destitute Land retires to Land of Prosperity:- A Short Story

Qazi-ul-Quzat of Destitute Land retires to Land of Prosperity:- A Short Story

By Qadeer Tanoli

There was a country where everything was available except the justice. Justice was a rare commodity in that country. Common citizens of that country had never tasted the taste of justice. Actually they had not developed the taste buds for it.

Like other country this country also had Qazi-ul-Quzat who was supposed to uphold the basic norms of justice. However, this was not the case in literal sense as he just upheld his own causes for his own sake.

He remained part of powerful elite of the country for many many years. He spent so many years in power in the realm that even repeated use of many many was not shown as error on word documents.

During his term in power, the country ranked almost the lowest in the world in term of justice but he continued to uphold his office and kept enjoying the facilities awarded by the state.

He was honoured with millions of rupees salary and other perks and privileges about which ordinary citizens couldn’t even think of.

The Qazi during his service period which was actually not a service period as he didn’t serve anything, he continued working for his own prosperity.

Many innocent persons were killed, orphans were deprived of their due rights, people were treated as slaves although constitutionally-wise they were free people, the children were abducted and the culprits remained scot-free, the basic rights of citizens were violated and you name some crime and a little bit of research would prove that it actually was committed during his service period in the country.

Several plots were allotted to him in the posh localities of the country and gave undue favours to political elite on one or other pretext. The elite was too happy with his deeds which were hardly noble keeping in view the authority which he possessed.

While dispensing justice, which was basically not justice but trade, he used to see the face of the complainant before deciding in a matter. If the complainant looks that of elite class then the justice was served as fast as wind storms. If unfortunately the complainant belonged to the slave class then his neb of his pen used to refuse to strike on the paper.

Actually the formula of dispensing justice was very simple for him. Anyone who had the power, influence, authority and wealth could buy it but it was never meant for downtrodden persons.

Finally a day came which was writing on the wall for people like him but they never acknowledge this write or at least they pretend that they got no issue with it.

It was the day when he got retired from his office. Many events were organized by beneficiaries of him on the eve of his retirement. However, the Qazi-ul-Quzat was not jubilant on guard of honour like things which were bestowed to him on account of reasons which nobody knew.

The Qazi knew in his heart that he was insecure in the country as he himself had done nothing to provide security like thing to any person of poor class. As 90 percent of the population was poor and hardly 10 percent were well-off so the Qazi feared that he was not safe in the country. He knew it well that his injustices would strike him any day and he would not be in position to respond.

Finally he decided to ask for fool-proof security for him and his family from the monarch. The monarch accepted his plea and provided him the demanded security.

After a few days later the Qazi who was now former Qazi-ul-Quzat felt that even this top class security was not enough for him. While passing on the roads in his bullet-proof vehicle he used to feel that some affectee of him might target him to take his/her revenge, although it was merely his hallucination as slaves can’t think action like it. They are basically robots in literal sense and their programming were developed keeping view that they should not be affected by the virus which is known as freedom or self-respect.

His hallucinations started getting stronger and stronger with the passage of every day. Finally he decided to do what his predecessors have been doing.

He decided to sail to the land of prosperity which ensured safety of basic rights of its citizens. This land of prosperity actually had earned the fame on account of having justice which it held in every sphere of life. The merit was the call of the day in every account of this land. Here justice was never compromised and its citizens lived the life of prosperity.

The Qazi had already secured nationality of this far situated country by using his influence when he was Qazi-ul-Quzat in the country which was known in the international world as the country of downtrodden persons.

Now while being seated in the first cabin of ship along with his family he was hopping that he would feely walk on the roads without having any fear of being harmed. The land of prosperity was awaiting for him as it held justice for everybody.


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