Defiant to Kill Gut-Wrenching Stench



A view of the park before arrival of sprin


A reclaimed piece of land has started pushing up flowers, apparently in a defiant mode aimed at killing gut-wrenching stench emanating from the nearby sewer-laced Nullah Leh. It’s a delightful sight to see an oasis getting a shape of a park in sharp contrast to the filthy flow of the rainwater-fed natural stream meandering through the garrison town of Rawalpindi.

Seedbeds were made on proper and attractive pattern after leveling the uneven ground with the silt excavated from Nullah Leh. Afterwards tiny of flowers plants freshly reared from seeds were planted in them but things did not look promising. Making it attractive for the visitors was something which was beyond imagination at that point.

The constant stench of Nullah Leh, the main sewer of Rawalpindi was still intolerable. A few drops of rain in winter days turned this newly erected park into sort of marsh. A few steps walk on it and one’s feet were all mess. Having almost no grass on it was another reason which turned it into muddle in case of raining in the area.

A few month ago the process of reclaiming land alongside Murree Road near renowned Liaquat Bagh was was started by the local authorities concerned. It was nothing but heap of mud and garbage which was being dumped alongside a bank of Nullah Leh, which is greatest sewer of Rawalpindi. After some weeks of refilling the ditches the shape of a small park started emerging but still it offered nothing for the visitors.

A few benches were installed in the park which is spanning over just a few kanal of reclaimed land. A beautiful metal statue of a water boy, perhaps of brass was also erected in middle of it with water can in its right and posturing him watering the plant. This statue erected on a bit elevated platform may also represent the gardener who happens to be watering plants. It striking to have a look on it while travelling from Murree Road between Marir Hassan and Liaquat Bagh but real cause of its emergence was yet to be achieved.

And then spring announced its arrival by flowering trees with pushing up of new green leaves and rearing small sapling into grown up plants. And plantation in this field also started pushing up flowers and the scenario completely changed.

Earlier only some lonely souls who had wanted some tranquility alongside the busiest road of Rawalpindi used to visit this piece of land in evening to enjoy the beauty of sunset. However, with blossoming of flowers in it, it’s becoming attractive spot for people belonging to every walk of life.

Spanning hardly over a few reclaimed Kanals of land this park is yet to be named. It is custom over here that parks, roads, streets and every tangible and intangible happening is dedicated to someone but this important happening along with bank of Nala Leh has not been named yet or plaque for it has not been installed for this purpose.

Let it be known as an unnamed park which would be another unique aspect of this tiny park as naming don’t serve any purpose. Let it be known as unnamed patch of serenity which is rare commodity these days. Strong stench of sewer would disappear altogether if buds are allowed to blossom in open air.

Due to law and order situation all parks in Rawalpindi are strictly guarded except this one. Fence around it is yet to be installed for security purposes or perhaps it won’t be installed at all.



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