Pure Gur being introduced in Karachi

Pure Gur being introduced in Karachi to discourage sugar mafia


Pure Gur or jaggery or unrefined form of sugar is being introduced in Karachi to assist the citizens not only to get rid of sugar mafia but also to become healthy by consuming natural and unrefined sugar.

In Gulshan-e-Maymar Karachi, Gur is being produced alongside the road. This little setup besides providing delicious Gur also provides an opportunity to the consumer to see Gur manufacturing process in front of their own eyes.

The manufacturer of the Gur claims that no chemical is used for Gur manufacturing and no other substance or ingredient is used to artificially increase the weight of this substance. .

Gur is a natural byproduct of sugarcane which is unrefined form of sugar and largely used in sub-continent. Sugarcane is mechanically crushed to get juice of it which is stored in a large bowl. Later on this juicy and extremely sweetened liquid is boiled to make it thick to a certain level. Later on when this brown raw mass gets dry is cut into pieces.

The traders involved in this business sometimes adds almonds or other dry fruits into it to make it tastier.

Currently the government is facing extreme difficulty to control price hike of sugar which is rated as an essential commodity in Pakistan. It is necessity of every home in the country due to its extensive use.

The hoarders sometime make shortage of it to get exorbitant rate from the general public on its sale. Last year the federal government faced a fiasco when it allowed the sugar export on which it also provided the subsidy to the sugar mills owners.

There is a need to encourage manufacturing of Gur in the country which is far health friendly than the refined sugar. This measure of the government would also help farmers to get better rate of sugarcane by selling sugarcane to small-scale gur producers or they may also establish small-size sugarcane crushing machines to produce gur.

Due to its health benefits in comparison with refined sugar, Gur could also be exported to other countries which would generate precious revenue for the country.


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