PTI starts dismantling

PTI starts dismantling

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PTI starts dismantling: Finally cracks have started appearing in the rank and file of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and it has started dismantling rapidly.

Many active members of PTI have parted ways with it following the

Imran Khan Protest
A picture of May 9 violent incidents

crackdown of law enforcement agencies (LEAS) against the political party.

On Wednesday Amir Mehmood Kiyani, the former MNA and senior member of PTI, opted to quit the party and politics over difference of opinion with the party leadership.

Kiyani is the former Secretary General of PTI who also served as the health minister during the regime of PTI in the center.

During a press conference at National Press Club Islamabad he announced that he is not only quitting PTI but also politics.

He was of the view that he regrets the May 9 violent protests by the PTI leaders and supporters and this event paved the way for a change of his mind.

On Tuesday, Mahmood Moulvi also had announced to quit PTI on the same grounds as have been stated by Kiyani.

Moulvi is an MNA of PTI from Karachi who also served as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister in the Maritime Affairs Department during the Imran Khan government and also worked as a Federal Advisor in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of former Federal Minister Ali Zaidi.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club Moulvi announced that he is quitting the PTI in light of the attacks on military installations during violent protests on May 9.

This is pertinent to mention here that the entire country witnessed horrific incidents of violence after the arrest of Imran Khan on May 9 on corruption charges. During these violent protest demonstrations military installations were targeted by protestors besides targeting private properties.

“I have never gone against, nor will I ever go against the army,” Moulvi was quoted as saying.

Besides these two MNAs, there are some MPAs from Sindh who have also announced to quit PTI on the same grounds as have been stated by Moulvi and Amir Kiyani.

Crackdowns against PTI leaders and supporters: Meanwhile crackdowns by the police are underway against the terrorists who are stated to be involved in May 9 incidents.

For this purpose, the police with heavy contingents were deployed outside Zaman Park which is the home of the former premier Imran Khan. According to the police some terrorists who are wanted in the May 9 incidents have taken refuge in Zaman Park. However, the PTI chairman and other leaders of his party denied these allegations. Imran Khan was of the view that the police are making another attempt to arrest him in disguise of these allegations.

PTI leadership continues to face hardships

Meanwhile there seems no refuge for the top leadership of PTI as it continues to face criminal cases which have been lodged  against them in the backdrop of May 9 incidents.

Dr Shirin Mazari, Malika Bokhari, Fawad Chaudhry and several other leaders of the party were put behind the bars following registration of criminal cases against them.

Most of these leaders were released from the prisons after acquiring bails from the courts. However, former federal ministers Ali Ahmad Khan and Shehryar Afridi are still behind bars.

Is Imran Khan being offered exile? : Currently the chairman of PTI, Imran Khan seems to be in deep trouble as he is facing many corruption and other cases. Moreover, top leadership of his party is also facing the music after May 9 incidents.

There are social media reports that Imran Khan has been offered the option of exile to the United Kingdom (UK).

There are unconfirmed reports that offer into this connection was conveyed through Aqeel Karim Dhaidi to Imran Khan.

Reportedly Dhaidi who is a known stock broker had paid a visit to Zaman Park on Wednesday. A few journalists claim that Jemima Gold Smith is lobbying for Imran Khan to get him exiled to the UK so that he could avoid arrest and other implications which he might face in coming days.


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