PMA to hold press conference on ‘Clean Milk’

PMA to hold press conference on ‘Clean Milk’

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Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) is holding a press conference on Wednesday, 15th January 2020 at PMA House, Sir Aga Khan III Road Karachi at 3:30pm on Clean Milk or Saaf Doodh Sehat Mehfooz, stated a press release.

The press conference is about public awareness campaign of PMA on Clean Milk or “SAAF DOODH SEHAT MEHFOOZ”.

 Speakers include Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, Secretary General PMA Centre, Dr Qazi Muhammad Wasiq, Treasurer PMA Centre, Dr S Tipu Sultan, ex- President PMA Centre and others.

The availability of clean milk has been a very serious issue in Pakistan as most of the times one may find only the adulterated milk for human consumption.

Adulterating the milk with water is a common phenomenon over here and now things have gone far beyond it.

Now a few milk sellers use some chemicals for mixing it with water which gives the look of the solution as that of fresh milk.

Another technique to adulterate the milk is to mix dry milk with the fresh milk along with water. This technique is used to make the milk look thicker and ‘pure.’

There are few shops of fresh milk which sell pure milk and there is need to take steps by the authorities concerned to make available only the 100 percent pure fresh milk in the country.

The practice of adulteration in milk should  be discouraged and law should take its course to punish the persons involved in this crime.



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