PMA issues advisory to prevent Coronavirus

PMA issues advisory to prevent Coronavirus

Pak Chronicle Report


Pakistan Medical Association (Centre) on Wednesday has advised various preventive guidelines for Influenza, Corona and SARS virus (Respiratory virus):

  1. People should take fresh healthy and balanced diet.
  2. Take 7- 8 hours night sleep.
  3. Take plenty of water
  4. Complete bed rest if suffering from respiratory virus.
  5. Use tissue papers to clean your nose.
  6. People should ensure hand wash after contact with respiratory secretion.
  7. If you are suffering from cold or flu, do not hug or shake hand with others and do not share your paraphernalia like glass, plate, cup, towel, mobile, pen etc.
  8. Do not involve in self-medication practice.
  9. Antibiotic should not be used in any viral disease.
  10. People should get treatment only from qualified doctors.
  11. Doctors should wash their hands after examining each patient.

Moreover the National Institute of Health (NIH) on Tuesday had issued an advisory to health staff at border posts and health care institutions advising them to take precautions in light of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China and neighbouring countries.

The institute directed health officials to investigate a person who may have travelled to Wuhan or any other affected area of China within the last 15 days.  It also directed the officials to investigate anyone who may be suffering from severe acute respiratory infections (SARI).

Symptoms of the deadly virus ranged from a history of fever, to coughing or difficulty breathing, the NIH said. The advisory maintained that health officials investigate anyone who may have had “close physical contact with a suspected or confirmed case”.




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