PMA expresses deep concerns over nonfunctioning of PMDC

PMA expresses deep concerns over nonfunctioning of PMDC


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Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has expressed its deep concern over the nonfunctioning of the regulatory body for registration of doctors and medical education.


The present regime dissolved Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) and formed Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) to regulate medical education and registration of medical practitioners, stated Dr Qaisar Sajjad, General Secretary PMA (Centre) on Wednesday.

According to press release issued to media now PMC has been dissolved by Islamabad High Court and the court restored PMDC and its employees.


“We regretfully say that government is not implementing the decision of the Islamabad High Court and PMDC is still not restored. The head office and regional offices of PMDC are closed. The situation is creating miseries for medical professionals. They are very much distressed and agonized. Young doctors are not able to start their house jobs because nobody is there to register them. According to an official statement more than 27,000 cases of registration are in pending, likewise Pakistani doctors working abroad are also very distressed because they are not getting their renewal of registration and good standing certificate,” further stated the press release.


According to it PMA believes that government should immediately implement the verdict of the Islamabad High Court and open the head office of PMDC, Islamabad and the regional offices in the provinces.  So that day to day issues of Medical Professionals could be resolved.


Moreover PMA also suggested the formation of adhoc committee immediately by Islamabad High Court to run the day to day affairs of PMDC and it should be given the task of holding fresh elections within 60 days as per the PMDC 

Picture of Dr Qaisar Sajjad, Secretary General, Pakistan Medical Association (Centre). Taken from internet

Ordinance 1962. The representatives of the stakeholders should also be included in this adhoc committee. Then elected body will resolve all the issues of the medical education and the medical profession, concluded the statement.




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