PMA declares open milk unfit for human consumption

PMA declares open milk unfit for human consumption

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Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has declared open milk as unfit for human consumption on scientifically proved grounds.

PMA believes that open milk available in the market is not safe for human consumption proven by scientific studies and experiences of the developed, civilized world.

 During a press conference in Karachi which was held at PMA House, Sir Aga Khan III Road Karachi PMA Centre office bearers stated that PMA has decided to run public awareness campaigns regarding the health and health related issues.

So it is to start its campaign for clean milk with the slogan of “SAAF DOODH SEHAT MEHFOOZ”.

 They said that it is quite imperative to know that 90% of our population is consuming open milk from the retailers, whereas about 10% people use the packaged milk.

 According to it following are the basic points which are helpful to prove its point of view:

 With the exception of a few countries, including Pakistan and India, nowhere in the world unpackaged milk is available.

  2. As milk is supposed to be a complete diet especially for children, old age people and pregnant women. The unpackaged milk does not provide the required nutrition because of following:

    1. Rampant adulteration with water which is contaminated and unclean.
    2. Open milk is more liable to be infected with bacteria.
    3. Buffalos and Cows courts have devoid of maintaining hygienic standards.
    4. The quality of milk is not sustained as different people use their own methods of feeding the animal, milking and transportation of the milk.
    5. It is mostly contaminated with Aflotoxin.
    6. The illiterate people involved in animal care have no concept of hand washing and personal hygienic care.
    7. The containers used for transporting the milk are unclean.
    8. If you go to milk market to observe, you find lot of flies, leaves, Kachra and other contaminated things, most of the time taken out by the seller using his palm.
    9. Mixing of different chemicals for either making the milk to make thick or making it foamy. 

      So, we from the platform of PMA advise the general masses to avoid the open milk to prevent waterborne diseases and any infection due to contamination and choose packaged / pasteurized milk for better health and nutrition, because of following reasons. 

      The packaged milk is a clean and safe without bacterial of other kind of contaminations. 

      ii.   It is UHT treated or pasteurize.  

      iii.  It is collected by observing best hygienic Standards. 

      iv.  It is free from Aflotoxin, a kind of fungus responsible for causing liver cancer. This fungus is consumed by the animals through substandard fodder.  

      v. The cold chain is maintained throughout its transportation right from milking the packaging. 

      vi. UHT Kills all bacterial and Tetra packing prevents it from getting any contamination by its 6- layers internationally scientifically approved packing. 
      vii. There is no any preservative or chemical added.

 Dr S M.Qaisar Sajjad, Secretary General PMA Centre, Dr Qazi Muhammad Wasiq, Treasurer PMA Centre and others were present on this occasion.


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