PM should at least close airspace for India


The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan’s picture, taken from internet

PM should at least close airspace for India

By Ruby Zaheer


The Prime Minster (PM) of Pakistan Imran Khan dedicated half an hour, on Friday to express solidarity with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The decision is like a joke with masses that are confronting bullets in hunger in the occupied Kashmir. We always give them hope that “we stand with masses of occupied Kashmir” but in reality we failed to take a significant step.

It is obligatory for Pakistan to focus diplomacy even on deterrence issue to realize international community how critical the situation is among two nuclear neighbours.

Moreover, Pakistan should immediately declare no-fly-zone for India instead of celebrating half hour solidarity.

The Indian government deployed more than nine lac troops in the occupied valley including RSS culprits. The situation in the valley is beyond normalcy. The area is fronting human crisis and curfew, since a month. The Indian Army is killing Kashmiri men, raping their women. Even the innocent children are insecure in the territory.

Therefore, Kashmiris are building hopes of help by Pakistan and Pak Army. They glued posters in all over Srinagar and called DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor for help, having written on it, “We will fight till our last soldier and last bullet.

Meanwhile, Pakistan government is still waiting for International community to intervene. However, America, Russia, France and Middle Eastern countries are focused to achieve their economic goals. Mainly, Muslim countries are praising Modi with state honour instead of neglecting his brutality in occupied Kashmir and Assam.

In the international politics, there is no place for humanity and they proved it in Palestine as well. Only one Veto power can demolish any resolution and the whole world quietly accept this injustice.

A month has passed for the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A but Pakistan did not define its position. Even, we could not shut our air-space for Indian Airplanes. Why we are so weak in making decisions? What else we want to pay to India?

Therefore, it is the time for IK government to take serious action over the  matter of Indian occupied Kashmir. Or, at least it should impose airspace ban on India to fine them economically.


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