Kidney Hill Park’s trees start producing fruits and flowers


Around 40,000 different plants were planted at Karachi Kidney Hill Park which have started producing fruits and flowers.

Moreover, Mayor Karachi has also ordered cultivation of more planation in the metropolis in different areas.

While presiding a meeting Mayor Karachi on Wednesday stated that officials of Parks and Horticulture and other concerned officials of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) who are incapable to make the city green got right to work further in the department.

He ordered to plant more trees and plants alongside different thoroughfares and at greenbelts to beautify the city.

He also ordered to plant seasonal flowers and trees in all parks of KMC. He was of the view that this time due to excessive planation in the city the citizens of Karachi should feel the fragrance of spring this year.


A picture of plant at Kidney Hill Park. Picture released by KMC
A plant at Kidney Hill Park which has started producing flowers
Another night view of Kidney Hill Park Karachi


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