Pets’ Kidnapping for Ransom and Reproduction

Pets’ Kidnapping for Ransom and Reproduction

Pets’ theft growing for reproduction & ransom purposes

Pak Chronicle Report

The phenomenon of cattle theft is common in Pakistan and it is spreading now to domesticated animals of high pedigrees.

As generally no case is registered against missing or abduction of pet animals so it is yet to be considered an heinous crime over here.

A resident of Rawalpindi has left no stone unturned to recover her pet German shepherd Budhi but couldn’t find it yet despite making all out efforts for bitch’s recovery.

The pet, female German Shepherd is four years old and she went missing on February 21, due to reasons unknown, from her owner’s house from Liaquat Road, Rawalpindi.

The owner who is female doctor by profession has also announced to award Rs50,000 as reward for someone who may help in her ‘recovery.’ Keeping in view poverty rate over here Rs50,000 is a huge reward because an unskilled labourer gets Rs500 to Rs800 for a daylong work.

The posters for the recovery of German shepherd has been displayed all around the walls of Liaquat Road but breakthrough is yet to be made in this connection. Generally dogs of high pedigrees are stolen for reproduction purposes and sometime they are taken away from the owners to make some money. Demanding ransom may also be reason behind forceful abduction of any pet animal.

Whatever the motive behind missing or kidnapping of these pet animals might be, the owners suffer badly because of their emotional attachments with these pets.

It’s not just an isolated case of a missing animal. In congested area of Karachi, Juenjo Town, Manzoor Colony, the owner of a general store has been losing his donkey time after time.

Fiyaz, the owner of ‘Fauji General Store reportedly lost his donkey at least three times in the past and got it recovered only when he paid some amount as ransom.

This donkey is used to pull a cart on which Fiyaz loads goods either to deliver it to his general store or to carry some bags to any of his customer on demand. As his friends make fun of him on the theft of his donkey frequently, now Fiyaz does not share any detail as how he has been getting his donkey recovered and how much ransom he paid for it.

A trained donkey for pushing cart is an expensive animal. At least Rs60,000 or more are required to purchase one for doing business of transportation of goods in Karachi.

People who are deprived of their pets generally never report missing of their pet animals with the police on account of many reasons. First of all it is very difficult for anybody to report case of missing of a human being at the police stations. The police, to avoid liability, is generally reluctant to register cases of missing of human being. Registration of case of missing pet animal seems a heroic task which requires a lot resources.

However, there are precedents over here when cases were registered over petty issues and accused was put behind the bars. Recently a case of theft of a few ‘hens’ surfaced in the mainstream media in which accused was serving his term in prison for a year. Reportedly, his application of bail was turned down by number of legal forums.

As society is divided into various classes, depending upon their financial conditions, so who the complainant is more important, in most of cases, then what the actual case is.






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