PCB Chairman Draws No Salary

PCB Chairman Draws No Salary

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National Assembly was informed on Friday that Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ehsan Mani draws no salary in lieu of his service.

Responding to a question of MNA Dr Mahreen Razzaq Bhutto, they Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination informed the House that the office of the Chairman of PCB, is an elected position.

However, as such the PCB Chairman draws no salary for his services to the PCB.

MNA Dr Mahreen Razzaq Bhutto had inquired from the Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination to state the annual income and expenditures of PCB for the last three years;  the salary and other allowances of its Chairman alongwith the details; and persons working in Pakistan Cricket Board and the detail of incentives being given to them?

The ministry responding to this question stated that pursuant to Clause 7(7) of the PCB Constitution, the Chairman is entitled to such allowances and privileges as determined by the Board of Governors (BOG), who are fully empowered to formulate rules and regulations under the PCB Constitution.

Accordingly, by virtue of the Rules for PCB Chairman’s Allowances and Privileges, the Chairman is entitled to all allowances. These payments are only on account of reimbursements and not treated as remuneration.

Nonetheless, it is important to highlight that the incumbent PCB Chairman, Ehsan Mani from the commencement of his tenure till date, has regularly declined to claim/avail some of these allowances.

Till September 2019, the incumbent was entitled to Rs 21,463,997/- of which he has not claimed Rs 8,607,749/.

The House was also informed that the information sought through the Starred Question is by its nature is sensitive and confidential. It maintained that the PCB previously provided some delicate and sensitive information with regard to employees in February 2015, but regrettably the confidential information ended up with the media and the same information was distorted and used to cast aspersions on PCB.

Resultantly, substantial energy, resources and effort were wasted on responding to disparaging and slanderous allegations by the media. In July 2015 again the same information was sought and PCB, whilst showing its extreme reverence, advised that it would be available to physically show the relevant record to the relevant MNA in order to avoid the aforementioned negative outcome.

This stance was understood and upheld by the then members of the National Assembly. In order to avoid unnecessary public scandals and adverse exploitation of sensitive and confidential information pertaining to PCB in the media, we hereby make a humble submission to the MNA requesting that the process of seeking information be narrowed down and the physical record available with PCB be shown to/scrutinized by Dr. Razzaq in person.


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