Painting for fun by a little child

Wardah’s artwork
Another brilliant artwork by Wardah


An artwork of Wardah painted with watercolours on a common paper

By Chronicler


Another piece of artwork of abstract nature from Wardah, the litter painter
Another painting of the little painter

Six years old Wardah Shabih Zehra has been, for the past four years, drawing sketches and doing painting with different colours on papers to make it something unique out of it.

She got the passion for the colours, different brushes and for different sort of pencils.

Initially like other children she started painting on the walls all around the house without any sort of discrimination. All walls were like canvas for her. Wardah used to draw different sketches on the walls and at that time she didn’t spare a single patch of the walls without leaving her artwork on them.

At the age of two, her painting used to look like anything from realism to blurred sort of artwork. The sketched thing on the walls could be taken anything thing from fish to butterfly and other objects.

However, with the passage of time, her sketches started displaying clarity of thoughts. An animal looked like an animal and a human being picture reflected that a human was painted. However, till now still she prefers to paint abstract artwork.

Nowadays, mostly she uses watercolours to paint ordinary objects on usual papers. Her skills as painter would definitely need some more time to be recognized on some level because she is in learning process without having any guidance in this respect from any quarter.

While talking to Chronicler Wardah who is student of KG-2 in a local school expressed her commitment to become a renowned painter in the world.

“Often I am asked as what I would like to become in my future. This question confuses me little bit. I want to do a lot of things in my future and painting is of course one of the things amongst them,” she states.






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