Painter Shamim Baazil and his artwork

Painter Shamim Baazil and his artwork

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Shamim Baazil is an artist of unique qualities. On the one hand he has painted individuals (personalities) working in different fields and on the other he has produced wonderful pieces of abstract art.

In the case of different personalities, he created their paintings reflective of their specialties and dedications in their respective fields while underlining their work such as music, singing, social working, politics, literature and other fields.

He made such paintings in order to pay the personalities due tributes for their distinguished services.

In his other artworks; especially in abstract art, he has exposed the contradictory situations and postures of exploitation in terms of social injustice and psychological frustrations of a class society.

Baazil has his own style, treatment and application of colours in creating and framing his paintings that either portrays  the life, nature and life’s hidden shapes or they do reflect a future energy of life.

Shamim Baazil is also a writer, poet, singer and playwright. Certainly he is using and experiencing all these mediums of expression successfully. As an artist his ‘expression’ speaks volumes for his good sense and talents.

No doubt he seems more perfect and expressive of true modern sensibility in present time. Baazil has made title covers of a large number of books of poetry and prose on the request of contemporary writers and poets and no doubt each and every title proves to innovative and original in depicting the essence of the subjects and the contents the books and the collections contain in real terms.


A beautiful painting by Shamim Baazil
Another piece of art by Shamim Baazil
Shamim Baazil’s artwork


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