National Stadium Karachi out of city shifting suggested

National Stadium Karachi out of city shifting suggested

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Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Centre keeping in view the public grievances due to traffic issues has suggested the authorities to shift national stadium of Karachi out of the city.

Moreover it has also requested the authorities to come up with such appropriate traffic plans that do not make the lives of public difficult due to sports activities which are being held at the stadium. Only close the roads at the arrival and departure of players let these roads open for traffic during the players’ stay at stadium, stated a press release issued by Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Centre on Monday.

In the meantime the PMA has maintained that it enthusiastically welcomes the international cricket and players in Pakistan.

It will absolutely boost the soft image of Pakistan and will provide immense leisure to the cricket lovers. Unfortunately due to the ill planning of the administration this cricket revival has become painful for the people of Karachi due to road blocks for the security reasons. The people living around the stadium are miserably very distressed because of this traffic mess. In 70’s the National stadium Karachi was out of city but with the passage of time it has become center of the city but our administration, while organizing these events, forget this fact and do not realize the sufferings that millions of people will face due to their apathetic approach.

This traffic muddle due to cricket activity is turmoil these days for the people of Karachi. During practice sessions and the test match between South Africa and Pakistan starting from 26th January people will go through a hard time due to closure of roads around the stadium, there will be immense traffic jams in the city.

Two major hospitals and few smaller along with isolation center for Covid-19 at Expo centre are located in the area, these traffic jams will be havoc for the sick people visiting these health facilities for emergencies and treatment. Moreover it will be difficult for doctors and paramedics to reach their hospitals to serve sick people. People going to their workplaces and coming back to their homes have also been facing hardships due these traffic jams. Moreover closure of roads around the stadium increases the traffic flow at University Road and Rashid Minhas Road which results in heavy traffic jam on both roads, concluded the press release.



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