National Party opposes new legislation

National Party opposes new legislation

Pak Chronicle Report


National Party Punjab President Ayub Malik has said that the Punjab Tahafuzz- e Bunyaad -e Islam Act 2020 would fan sectarianism beside stoking hatred against minorities in the largest and most populous province of the country that has a history of religious hatred against the marginallised sections of society.

In a statement issued on Sunday Malik said that the country had already suffered a lot because of the retrogressive policies of General Zia that encouraged obscurantist elements of society to badly damage the vision of Jinnah’s Pakistan. “Now with this new law, the concept of Jinnah’s Pakistan has been pushed towards the verge of complete destruction paving the way for more hatred against minorities and other sections of soceity.”

He said that Imran Khan was following the footsteps of American President Donald Trump who allied with White supremacists for the sake of votes during the last elections and now fanning anti immigrant feelings besides resorting to hate mongering against China to win the polls.

“And here we have the PTI and Imran Khan who hobnobbed with known hate-mongers, sectarian minded elements and obscurantist to win the polls in a rigged manner and now Mr Khan trying to appease the same elements by carrying out such legislation in Punjab which would tear down the social fabric not only of the province and that of the country as well.”

The National Party President accused Imran Khan of taking these cosmetics measures to hide his sheer incompetence and poor governance. “Prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed in the last two years. Millions of people have fallen below the poverty level. Health, education and other departments that could have served people have witnessed a phenemenal slashing of their funds. Where are steps to address these issues?”

He fears that section 3 (f) of the legislation could promote sectarianism which might even lead to militancy. “The country has already lost more than 30,000 people because of the Taliban insurgency that was the result of Zia’s obscurantist policies and now with this new legislations sectarian monsters would exploit masses’ religious feelings pitting one section of society against another one. Such a situation would lead to anarchy, lawlessness and a possible bloodshed.”

He questioned the rationale of enacting this law when Islamic Injunctions of 1973 Constitution along with section 505(2) of PPC and section 8 of the anti- terrorism act have already penalised racial and sectarian hate.  He demanded Punjab government to withdraw the law immediately.


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