National Assembly session summoned on Monday

National Assembly session summoned on Monday

By Chronicler


The National Assembly session has been summoned on Monday, the 16th January 2023 at 5:00 p.m. by the President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi which would be 49th session of the current assembly.

The president of Pakistan has called the session of the National Assembly under Article 54 of the Constitution.

This session of the National Assembly would have extraordinary importance due to political uncertainty in the country in the backdrop of expected dissolution of the Punjab Assembly.

The   Chief Minister Punjab, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has already forwarded his advice to the governor Punjab for dissolution of the provincial assembly. The governor Punjab Baligh ur Rehman has confirmed receiving of the summary in this connection.

Under the Constitution of Pakistan the governor of a province is bound to sign the summary of dissolution of the provincial assembly if the chief ministry moves it.

If in case the governor does not approve it then the provincial assembly would be stand dissolved in two days.

Interestingly a petition has also been moved in the court of law against the dissolution of Punjab Assembly.

The chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi recently had secured a vote of confidence from the House and as per his commitment with the PTI Chief Imran Khan he signed the summary and forwarded it to the governor for approval.

Imran Khan and other PTI’s party leaders have already expressed their commitment to dissolve provincial assemblies of Punjab and Khyberpakhtunkhwa (KP).

Since toppling of PTIs’ government through vote of no-trust motion, in April last year, Imran Khan has been demanding early elections from the federal government. However, the PML-N led government in the centre has been having other plans.

The PTI leaders are of the view that dissolution of both the provincial assemblies of KP and Punjab would have a massive impact on their demand for early election.

The leaders of PTI believe that after dissolution of these assemblies, the government would be compelled to go for an early election.

It is expected that during the called session of the National Assembly, the parliamentarians would debate on the ongoing political turmoil.

They would also be discussing the matters related with the dissolution of both the assemblies.



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