National Assembly goes slow in legislation work

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By Qadeer Tanoli


The current and 15th National Assembly of Pakistan during its total nine sessions could pass only eight government’s bill and a single private member bill since August 13, 2018.

The government tabled 23 its bills while a total of 47 private members bills were tabled in the Lower House of the Parliament so far during its nine month tenure.

This has been revealed in the statistical report of the first parliamentary year of the National Assembly which was released to media on Tuesday.

Keeping in view the statistics in this report one may say that the current National Assembly as an average passed hardly a single bill in each of its sessions which have taken place so far.

If situation remains unchanged in coming four parliamentary years then it is may also be predicted that the government of Pakistan would be able to pass only its 40 bill during its five year term.

During these nine sessions of the Lower House of the Parliament the proceedings of the House were carried on for 89 days and the Speaker provided more opportunities to the opposition to talk on the floor of the House in comparison with the government’s legislators. The members belonging to the opposition were given floor for a total time of 48 hours and 21 minutes while treasury benches were given floor for a total time of 35 hours and 19 minutes.

Meanwhile 85 calling attention notices became part of the proceedings and 1071 questions were addressed on the floor of the House.

NA secretariat surrenders Rs638 million to national exchequer: Meanwhile according to a press release the National Assembly Secretariat has surrendered Rs.638.698 million on the account of saving to the national exchequer.

The surrender of saving is required under the general financial rules and has formally conveyed to Ministry of Finance. The Secretariat had taken various steps under the direction of Speaker, National Assembly Asad Qaiser to reduce the expenditure of Secretariat without affecting the operational quality and service delivery. The surrender of above mentioned amount is made in different head of accounts from the sanctioned grant of the National Assembly during the fiscal year 2018-19.






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