Murgha Punishment Needs to be stopped

Murgha Punishment Needs to be stopped

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Pakistan continues to wage its battle spread of Coronavirus with its limited resources but some pictures and videos containing on spot ‘murgha punishment’ awarded by the police for the violators of lockdown at various places seems weird and bit inhuman keeping in view the prevailing social fabric.

There are no exception in this context as things like it continue to be reported on social media from almost all around especially from Karachi.

The social media activists have been making fun for as such persons who were found involved in breaching lockdown orders and their pictures and videos were shared on social media platforms.

These persons mostly teenagers were asked by the law enforcers to hold their ears through their legs for a prolonged period.

Cases like it continue to be reported from Punjab as well and as such videos and pictures have been providing entertainment to some social media lovers.

However, awarding murgha punishment seems out of order and against self-respect of an individual.

This scribe has been online searching proper phrase for this punishment for some hours but it turned out to be ‘murgha punishment’ as per Wikipedia.

This is pertinent to mention here that murgha punishment is sort of a corporal punishment which is awarded to students in schools in Pakistan for not doing schoolwork or violating school’s discipline.

This punishment is also awarded by the police in the country at some places against the persons involved in petty crimes.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the country the rulers, as claimed by them, have been thinking methods to control its spread.

In this process provincial government of Sindh took the lead and ordered lockdowns of its cities. The provincial government of Punjab followed Sindh’s footprints and did the same job in the province.

Visuals and videos have been getting viral on social media in coronavirus outbreak backdrop in which some boys could be seen as holding their ears through their legs and some police personnel are standing alert to monitor them in this posture.

There is no doubt about it that lockdown appeal of the government should be upheld and reinforced in true sprit as ‘isolation’ seems to be a solution to control the pandemic. However, there could be other ways and means to implement the orders. The violators may be imposed fine to discourage them to avoid breaking lockdown orders.

However, if order to hold ears through legs seems the only solution to make the teenagers law-abiding citizens then uploading their pictures and videos in this particular posture on social media should be stopped. Things like it may leave bad imprint on one’s memory who has suffered from it.


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