Modi’s Hitlerism can lead South Asia toward nuclear outburst

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[wp_ad_camp_1] Modi’s Hitlerism can lead South Asia toward nuclear outburst

By Ruby Zaheer

Kashmir is an undefined agenda between India, Pakistan and China. The state is in curfew after Modi’s Government act to flush out Article 370 and 35-A from Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

These articles were given special status to Kashmir to protect demographic shift in the state. To gain these outcomes India deployed 9 lac troops in Kashmir and locked down all communication channels including internet and telephones etc.

Both India and Pakistan claims that Kashmir is their integral part. Indian claim is based on an instrument of accession signed by maharajah of princely state in 1947 against the wish of Kashmiris. While, Pakistan claims that Kashmir is a Muslim majority area and it was unresolved dispute of British colonialism. Kashmiris hearts are beating with Pakistan therefore they should have their right of self-determination. China is also a party in the dispute.

India deployed large number of troops in IOK to suppress kashmiris freedom struggle. Therefore, there is extreme violation of human rights and over 1 lac Kashmiris were killed by Indian army since they occupied the territory.

The matter came under discussion of United Nation Security Council several times but nothing had happened. The UNSC passed 11 resolutions on Kashmir dispute and declared the area as international conflict. The UN resolutions have given Kashmiris right of self-determination and offer for plebiscite. However, Pakistan and china are ready for plebiscite in the valley while India was prolonging the conflict since half of a century.

The recent act of Modi’s government served Kashmir conflict in-front of the world to resolve the issue to avoid possible nuclear outburst.

Meanwhile, the efforts of Pakistani Prime Minister and Army to maintain peace in the region are remarkable. He clearly stated that Pakistan will use all diplomatic forums to resolve Kashmir dispute without war. Therefore, Pakistan Foreign Ministers coordinated with China and successfully placed the issue in UNSC.

But what happen if international community will not break their silence on the issue? And what happen if Pakistan utilized all diplomatic channels with zero gains? Then, Pakistan has reserved two options either to be quite or allow India to attack on Azad Kashmir and Pakistan’s sovereignty or to go with full-fledged nuclear war.


The threat of nuclear war is augmented day by day as Indian defense minister said that it is not necessary for India to use nuclear weapon as second option. They are ready to make changes in Indian Nuclear Doctrine to use nuclear weapons at first. His statement emphasizes that how dangerous Kashmir’s situation is. It can possibly drag the world towards nuclear war.


Here, International community needs to understand that Kashmir is not the only focal point agenda of India. It could possibly be the war of two religious ideologies. As Imran khan said “The western world should know about the current racial bigotry by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) led government in India.” The ideology clashes with democracy and equality because there is no concept of equality in RSS Hindutva ideology”.

The Modi’s hindu extremist government damaged the concept of secularism in wastebasket and transforming India into hindu state carrying hindutva ideology.

Nerrender Modi is a Hindu extremist leader converting India an insecure country for Muslims, Dalits, Christians and other communities except Hindus. His government allowed to RSS extremists to involve in mob lynching therefore they specifically target Muslims. These RSS bhagts are targeting Muslims and enforced them to say “Jay Shri Ram” which is specifically a hindu slogan. The Indian Parliament passed its first bill against Muslims on Triple talaq this year which is entirely a religious matter for Muslims.

Moreover, the Indian Supreme Court released 6 accused of Pehlu Khan Case by giving them benefit of doubt. The case was closed in the court on injustice because Pehlu Khan was a Muslim.

Whereas, Pakistan also louds the emotions of Ghazwae hind which has been widely supported by various religious sections of the society. People on both sides want to accomplish their goals by any mean including nuclear outburst.

It is the time for international community to decide to whom they want to support. If nuclear war occurs in South Asia then nothing will remain in this world.

It is the responsibility of UNSC to convince India for plebiscite by rejecting their blames. As Indian Ambassador at UNSC Syed Akbaruddin was bogus blame on Pakistan for exporting terrorism in media talk by saying “Pakistan should stop terror to start talks”. Thus, international community needs to realise that nuclear weapons have no concern with blames, politics and terrorism. Because, once these horrific nuclear weapons will fired they will destroy everything in seconds. Then, there will be no human and no terrorism remains in this world.

There are only two options for international community as well either to convince India to remove curfew from Kashmir and release the state as on the same position as it was a month ago. Or else, they should wait and watch what Kashmir dispute will server towards them to pay.

Since, Pakistan has no option if international community will back India. It has only option to go for war to save Kashmiri brother by hook or by crook. As Muslims believes that either to live with respect or die with proud.


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