Marketing Strategies of Glass Industry

Marketing Strategies of Glass industry

Glass manufacturing process is a laborious process which is connected with other multiple products and stakeholders

By Farzain Razak


Glass making process involves mixing of large amounts of silica sand with comparatively smaller amounts of lime and soda ash.

Some other materials are also used to give the glass special look besides giving it the touch of various qualities by heating the mixture in a furnace until it turns into a syrupy mass.

However, it is a laborious process that requires specific skills during the manufacturing process. Soda lime glass is the kind of glass mostly used all over the world including Pakistan.

It is widely used for manufacturing plate and window glass, light bulbs etc. It contains about 72% silica, 15% sodium oxide, 9% calcium oxide and 4% of other ingredients.

There are three types of glasses used in different products manufacturing. Potash Lead Glass is used to manufacture the finest tableware, cases and electrical items. The Borosilicate Glass is a shock- proof glass and it is generally used in baking items,  glass pipelines and the other lens products such as telescopic glasses and lenses.

Colored Glass is used in different manufacturing material in which glasses is used to give colored touch and this is generally considered as an expensive product.

The process of glass making as defined in the beginning of article is the laborious process which requires certain skills to make certain glass products.

It is a manual process in which certain tools are used for specific item to make crockery.

Glass manufacturing industry is line with the multiple products which are directly connected with multiple stakeholders and clients. Glass Manufacturing Industry is a business to business industry in which multiple businesses are linked.

The good communication and the strong relationship between other businesses and the stakeholders is necessary for consistent business growth. Building relationship and creating a social interaction is an objective which may be achieved through organizing different events and forums.

Building a relationship is the first step towards this goal and it too requires certain measures which include digital interaction through different platforms such as emails, websites or social media.

With the passage of time these platforms would start providing business opportunities in this area.

However, still one to one communication is considered better than to communicate on emails.

This sort of interaction would cover multiple communication gapes and the product representation would be more effective.

This exercise is done by most growing companies with the help of their employees those who has a best communication and presentation skills.

Marketing strategies of glass industries don’t involve ads on TV or advertisements in the newspapers because their target market is very specific.

That’s the reason as why glass industries use face-to-face interaction method to sell their products and service. This is more easy and convenient method with instant feedback as compared to other consumer good marketing strategies which are much expensive.


Farzain Razak, the author of the article on glass marketing strategies

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