Low-cost wheat flour facility being exploited in Rawalpindi

Low-cost wheat flour facility being exploited in Rawalpindi

By Chronicler


The inflation level is the all time high in the history of Pakistan which is estimated to be 25 percent and which is calculated to be the second highest in the South Asian countries.

In backdrop of it people who are living below the poverty line are facing severe issues to make both ends meet.

 The Provincial Government of Punjab is making some efforts to provide inexpensive wheat flour to the citizens at various points in major cities.

However, some elements are trying to exploit this effort by employing tactics which are basically depriving the deserving citizens from this basic necessity of life.

This is reliably learnt that the persons who are doing business of Tandoors in different areas of Rawalpindi depute their own people in the queues to purchase wheat flour from the loaded trucks.

Later on they make roti from this flour and sell it at a much higher rate to the citizens.

Sources reliably told this correspondent that if authorities concerned conduct raids, it would learn that the large number of people involved in Tandoor business have stored this inexpensive wheat flour in their facilities.

Generally the truck loaded with wheat flour by the flour mills which have been given the responsibility to provide inexpensive flour to the general public, sell it on designated points in different parts of the city.

The general public standing in long queues may purchase 10kg and 20kg bags from these trucks.

A 10kg wheat flour bag is sold at Rs648 and a 20kg bag is sold at Rs1295 by these truck dealers to the common citizens. The retailers get these bags at a price of Rs65/kg. However, there are reports that fewer retailers are supplying this low-cost flour.

There is an immense need that the government should take action against the persons who are involved in this business and trying to exploit this facility which is basically meant for poor citizens.


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