List of leaders who have left PTI

List of leaders who have left PTI

List of PTI leaders who have jumped ship after 9/5

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List of leaders who have left PTI: The process of disassembling of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) continues to take place and many leaders of it have already jumped the ship after May 9 tragic incidents in Pakistan.

The PTI as a political party is dismantling like house of cards and almost every day there seems race amongst its leaders to make announcement of quitting the party.

These leaders are generally kept at Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi and after spending a few days their software seems to be updated after overhauling of the hardware. Later on these leaders visit the National Press Club Islamabad where they hold press conference in which they announce that they are parting ways with the PTI. They also condemn tragic incident of May 9 and a few of them besides leaving PTI also make announcement to take retirement for the politics.

This is pertinent to mention here that on May 9, the PTI workers had attacked military installations and private properties to mark their protest against the arrest of former premier Imran Khan.

Later on crackdown was initiated by the law enforcement agencies against them and many of them were arrested due to mentioned reasons.

Here is the list of leaders of PTI who have left the party after May 9 incident from across the country.


  1. Raja Khurram Nawaz



  1. Senior vice president Fawad Chaudhry


  1. Senior vice president Shireen Mazari


  1. Former provincial minister Fayazul Hassan Chohan


  1. Ex-MPA Abdul Razaq Khan Niazi
  2. Ex-MPA Makhdoom Iftikharul Hassan Gillani


7 .Ex-MPA Mian Jaleel Ahmed Sharaqpuri


  1. Ex-MNA Khawaja Qutab Fareed Koreja

Founding member 9 .Aamer Mahmood Kiani


  1. Chaudhry Wajahat Hussain

Former federal minister

  1. Malik Amin Aslam

PTI West Punjab President


  1. Faizullah Kamoka

Former PTI central deputy secretary general for Islamabad


  1. Dr Muhammad Amjad

Additional secretary general south Punjab


  1. Malik Asif Awan


  1. Ex-MPA Jalil Sharqpuri


  1. Ex-MPA Syed Saeedul Hassan


17 .Ex-MPA Saleem Akhtar Labar


  1. MNA Chaudhry Hussain Elahi


  1. Ticket holder (PP-247) Chaudhry Ehsanul Haq


  1. Ticket holder (PP-248) Dr Mohammad Afzal


  1. Ticket holder (PP-257) Chaudhary Jehanzeb Rasheed


  1. Ex-MPA Zaheeruddin Khan Alizai


  1. Ex-MPA Aun Dogar


  1. Ex-MPA Abdul Hai Dasti


  1. Ex-MPA Malik Mujtaba Niaz Gishkori


  1. Ex-MPA Alamdar Husain Qureshi


  1. Ex-MPA Sajjad Hussain Cheena


  1. Ex-MPA Sardar Qaisar Abbas Khan Magsi


  1. Ex-MPA Ashraf Rind


  1. Ex-MPA Javed Ansari


  1. Ex-MNA Maleeka Ali Bokhari


  1. Ex-MPAJaved Akhtar Ansari


  1. Ex-MPAAhsan Saleem Baryar


  1. Ex-MPAAnsir Iqbal Baryar

President PTI

  1. GujranwalaKhalid Aziz Lone


36.Ex-MPAMian Mumtaz Ahmad Maharwi


  1. Ex-MPA Asif Manzoor


  1. Jamshed Iqbal Cheema


  1. Ex-MPAMusarrat Jamshed Cheema


  1. Ex-MPA Ayaz Khan Niazi


  1. Ex-MPA Malik Akram Kanhon


  1. Ex-MPA Murad Raas


  1. Ex-MPAPir Ahmad Khagga


  1. Ex-MPARaja Yawar Kamal


  1. Ex-MPAChaudhry Muhammad Adnan


  1. Abrar-ul-Haq


  1. Senator leader Saifullah Niazi


  1. Ex-MNA Khurram Shahzad


  1. Ex-MPA Mian Ahsan Ansar Bhatti


  1. Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan


  1. Ex-MPA Muhammad Waris Aziz


  1. Ex-MNA Khusro Bakhtiar


  1. Ex-MPA Ahmad Shah Khagga


  1. Ex-MPA Hashim Dogar


 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


  1. Former provincial minister Dr Hisham Inamullah Malik


  1. Ex-KP government spokesperson Ajmal Wazir


  1. Former advisor to chief minister Malik Qasim Khan Khattak


  1. MNA Usman Tarakai


  1. MNA Malik Jawad Hussain


  1. Ex-KP minister Muhammad Iqbal Wazir


  1. Ex-MPA Nadia Sher


  1. District leader Malik Qayyum Hissam


  1. Ex-MPA Nadia Sher Ali


  1. Ex-MPA Haider Ali Khan




  1. Sindh President Ali Zaidi


  1. MPA Bilal Ghaffar


  1. MNA Jay Prakash


  1. Sindh MPA Omar Omari


  1. PTI Sindh Vice President Mehmood Moulvi


  1. PTI Karachi President Aftab Siddiqui


  1. MPA Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah


  1. MPA Sanjay Gangwani


  1. MPA Dr Imran Shah


  1. District President Khairpur Syed Ghulam Shah


  1. Ex-MPAKarim Bakhsh Gabol


  1. MPAImran Ali Shah


  1. Ex-MPA Omar Amari


  1. Ex-MNA Syma Nadeem


  1. MPA Muhammad Abbas Jafri


  1. Rabia Azfar Nizami


  1. Former governo Imran Ismail



  1. Ex-provincial minister Mubeen Khilji


  1. SenatorMohammad Abdul Qadir

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