Liaquat Bagh Square Presenting Deserted Look

Liaquat Bagh Square Presenting Deserted Look

By Rasheed Ahmad


A view of Liaquat Road which is presenting deserted look due to lockdown in Rawalpindi

Generally one may find a lot of traffic congestion on Liaquat Road and Murree Road in normal circumstances but due to lockdown scenario in the city these roads are presenting deserted look on Saturday.

In ordinary circumstances most of the times there is bottleneck traffic situation at the Liaquat Road which connects Murree Road with Raja Bazar at Liaquat Bagh Square.

However, as the most congested markets of Rawalpindi has been closed as a preventive measure to control the spread of pandemic coronavirus, this road seems almost empty.

Renowned college of Rawalpindi, Gordon College is also presenting deserted look due to lockdown affairs in the city.

However, just a few metre away from Liaquat Bagh, the life in Arya Mohallah seems normal as though there is no impact of lockdown over here. People may been seen roaming in the narrow street of Arya Mohallah and there is unending traffic movement on it. The residents of the area seem to be avoiding the social distancing appeal of the government as though it’s sort of treat to enjoy. Chit-chat taking place at every nook and corner in the Mohallah.


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