Law of the Jungle- A short story

Law of the Jungle- A short story

By Chronicler

A friend of mine who was purely a law abiding citizen visited me to discuss some issues which had made his life miserable.

Actually he was feeling misfit in the society and he believed that he was a complete failure in every sphere of like.

He has been doing his best throughout his life to make him successful but each and every effort of him had turned out to be a fiasco.

He was sure that I would be able to find out why he wasn’t as successful as his potential was.

When I received him at my residence I didn’t have any idea as why he was visiting me.

I initially took his visit as a routine matter as he was a regular visitor of my home.

However, when he started conversation I came to know that the situation was different altogether.

He had wanted to know the causes of his failures. I myself in my own opinion was a failure. How can I entertained his queries so instead to respond to him I advised him to visit a mystic person who was an expert on as such issues.

He agreed to my viewpoint and I took him to the sitting of the mystic person which was situated little far away from my residence.

The mystic person welcomed us warmly and after presenting us with cup of tea he inquired about the purpose of our visit.

My friend told him that he never compromised on the principles and did whatever was good under the law of the land.

He said he never bribed any government official throughout his life and resisted it even if his goal was at stake.

He said even he did never violate traffic laws on occasions when there was no presence of traffic personnel around.

He said he never greased the palms of anyone despite knowing that his case would be put under the carpet although it deserved the required attention on merit.

To cut long story short he had been telling various tales in which acted accordingly as per law of the land.

The mystic person had been listening him very patiently and he didn’t not interpret him during this process.

When my friend was done with his tales of honesty the mystic person politely started his conversation by also telling a tale.

He said once there was a very wise king who always ruled his subjects with justice. The subjects were also very happy with him as they were never levied unjustified taxes by him. Contrary to other cruel kings, this king used his financial and other resources for wellbeing of his countrymen.

However, as they say nothing lasts forever, strange things started happening in his kingdom.

His subjects started behaving strangely as though they had gone mad.

The king didn’t know what actually the case was. He assembled them in his court and asked them why they were acting so strangely. He inquired from them the reasons behind their mischievous behavior. Instead to reply him sanely, the subjects started chanting slogans that their king was a mad person. They were of the view that they weren’t insane but their king was.

The king evacuated his court from them after a lot of efforts. Afterwards he ordered his chief counsellor to find out what was the reason behind this strange happening.

The counsellor was also a very wise person and he already had done homework in this connection.

He said your majesty actually your subjects drink water from a well which has turned poisonous due to unknown reason. He said anyone who drinks water of the well turns mad.

The king used to have his separate well which was dedicated for the royal family.

The king instantly made a decision and he ordered his servants to fetch some water from the well where common people use to drink.

The water was made available to the king and he drank the water after which he also turned insane.

Later on he invited the assembly of the people for addressing them and when he started addressing them his subjects felt that their king was behaving like them. They felt that their king was no one else but amongst them. They were jubilant to note that the king wasn’t behaving as he used to be earlier.

The people of his kingdom started chanting slogans that their king had become wise and sane.

Afterwards they all started living happily as the king had no issue with his subjects and his subjects were happy that their king was as rational as they were.

After narrating this story the mystic person looked in the eyes of my friend and stated that one should behave in the jungle as the law of jungle dictates. Otherwise, he said, there would be trauma like thing for the people who don’t follow this rule.

The mystic personality was of the view that my friend lived a life without taking into consideration the true code of conduct.

He said as only penal code of jungle was the call of the day in the society where we are living, so it is supposed to be followed. He said actually living a sane life in the environment of insanity is a crime which needs to be punished and my friend was rightly treated for committing things which weren’t wanted over here.

Me and my friend left for our homes and both of us were dejected while heading towards our respective destinations. My friend was facing the music for not behaving like others while I was sad that I will be committing these mistakes again and again which my friend had been committing as it was in genes.




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