Land of NPC Islamabad deceitfully rented out

Land of NPC Islamabad deceitfully rented out

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Federal Investigation Agency has registered a case of deceitfully selling out a piece of land of National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad to person for setting up catering business on it by using fake letterhead of NPC Islamabad.

The accused involved in this forgery collected around Rs4 million from person who was deceived.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Cybercrime Reporting Centre, has registered a case under 13, 14, 16, 20 of PECA 2016 read with 420, 468, 471 and 109 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) on the complaint of former President of NPC Islamabad, Shakeel Qarar.

In the FIR registered on August 13, 2020 the complainant Qarar who is the former NPC Islamabad President stated that he has filed a complaint with FIA against Zia Gilani and Amir Butt who are disseminating baseless propaganda against him through their Facebook profiles.

He alleged that the accused persons are alleging him for renting out the property of NPC Islamabad for commercial usage by putting dubious signatures of mine on fake agreement/letter about which I have no information.

“The accused persons have uploaded the fake agreement/letter prepared on fake letterhead of NPC Islamabad and have pasted the fake signatures of mine over there. They are continuously defaming and disgracing me for baseless allegations.

I hereby endorse the contents of my complaint in FIA which is registered as V-1990/2019 and I request FIA to take strict legal action into the matter against the persons involved in this unethical and criminal practices,” Qarar further stated.

After approval from the competent authority and inquiry RE-164.2020 has been registered. The provided Facebook URLs have been preserved and Facebook Inc was requested to provide record against the alleged accounts after obtaining court orders. Reply is still awaited to this effect, stated FIA in the FIR.

It further stated that Naseem Khan was summoned who joined the inquiry proceedings and stated that:

“I am doing my food business in Islamabad since long. I used to visit NPC Islamabad where I met one namely Rana Imran who introduced himself as a journalist. We became friends after some meetings.

Afterwards he asked me that NPC Islamabad can provide a piece of land of NPC Islamabad on lease basis to me for outdoor/indoor café-tea/coffee Restaurant.

Since I am engaged in this business so I accepted his offer. Rana Imran received Rs2.4 million cash and Rs1.574 million through bank transaction on the pretext of processing fee for purpose of leasing the land.

Rana Imran handed over fake photocopy Challan worth rupees 1.2 million of National  Bank of Pakistan in favour of CDA in this regard and original letter reference number 1339 dated 29-08-2019 on letterhead of NPC Islamabad with subject, Approval for Layout Plan, with scanned signature of Shakeel Qarar, along with his stamp.

Rana Imran received total Rs3.974 million. But so far neither land has been handed over to me nor has my money been returned.

According to FIA the original fake letter and copy of Challan of NBP worth Rs1.2 million has been taken from Naseem Khan through seizure memo. This fake, altered, tempered, forged letter was used for defamation and damaged the repute of applicant by uploading and disseminating through mentioned URLs.

Case has been registered again Rana Imran Aslam. Role of other involved persons, if any be thrashed out during investigation.

Mazhar Ali Shah, Inspector FIA, Cybercrime Reporting Centre Islamabad is investigating the case.


Image of FIR registered by FIA


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