Land Mafia Constructing Homes on old Pipri Graveyard

Land Mafia Constructing Homes on old Pipri Graveyard

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Land mafia in Karachi earlier grabbed whatever it could find the vacant place in the city and now it has started encroaching old Pipri Graveyard, Malir to construct homes over it.

The Pipri Graveyard is very old and it existed even before the lying of railways’ track in the area during the British regime.

The elements involved in encroaching the land of the graveyard has demolished the wall constructed around it and started constructing houses over it, the website has reliably learnt.

Meanwhile the law enforcement quarters have turned the blind eye towards this mischievous activity and they have failed to curb it.

The land grabbers besides demolishing the wall of the graveyard have also demolished number of graves to create room for their illegal and unethical construction.

According to the residents of the area these activities are in process for the past three to four days and they also informed Bin Qasim Police Station about this happening but it couldn’t come for the rescue.

This graveyard serve as the only graveyard for the dwellers of 22 villages or Goths of the area.

The land mafia do this unethical business in the darkness of the night and it is get demolished the old graves, the website further learnt. The dwellers of the area have appealed to the Chief Minister, Sindh, Murad Ali Shah and other high ups to take notice of this situation and make the graveyard free from encroachment.

Meanwhile a senior journalist and a renowned social activist in the area, Sami Memon informed this scribe that the land grabbers have been trying to encroach the graveyard alongside the National Highway. He said the graveyard is spanning over many acres of land but this side from National Highway is under constant threat of being grabbed. Memon said that a wall was constructed by the District Council Malir for the protection of the graveyard and these land grabbers have demolished this wall to achieve their evil designs.

“The area of graveyard alongside National Highway is being encroached. Attempts are made off and on to get it encroached. This is the area of the graveyard which is the main focus of the land grabbers. In recent past several clashes have taken place over this matter,” he said.

The metropolitan city Karachi is already facing scarcity of graveyards due to its massive population which according to some estimates is over 30 million. There is an urgent need to discourage elements who are encroaching graveyards. There are several precedents in the past in which land mafia encroached the land which was allocated for graveyards in Karachi.


Image of police report in connection with land grabbing business on Pipri Graveyard


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