Kite Flying Continues to be an Issue

Kite Flying Continues to be an Issue

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The spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan has prompted lockdown almost everywhere in the country and presence of this crisis kite flying continues to be another serious issues in Rawalpindi in which use of hard string may cause untoward incident anytime and any hour of the day.

Most of the citizens in Rawalpindi has not taken the lockdown orders of the government seriously and social distancing is still a dream to achieve in most parts of the city. One may observe citizens roaming on the roads and streets unrestricted.

However, life is not the same as it was before the spread of pandemic over here. There are persons who are adopting

Photo taken by Pak Chronicle

precautionary measures and keeping social distance to avoid the spread of the virus. Others seem to react as though they are coronavirus proof and it’s meant for others and not for them.

Anyway in these circumstances there are citizens who have opted to fly kites especially before sunset and the most dangerous part of this game is that they use hard string for this purpose.

This string besides causing other damages may also cause serious incidents for human life. These strings are so hard and sharp that they can cut throat easily in a few moments. Motorcyclists may become obvious victims for these strings.

Teenagers on Murree Road may be seen while catching free kites on the road and they don’t care about movement of traffic in this process. The strings are scattered almost everywhere on the footpaths and on the road.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic the police used to take action against these elements. However, since the law enforcers are busy in their other duty to restrain public to control the pandemic, kite flying hobby is flourishing in the city which is causing serious threats for the citizens.



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