Kitchen Gardening, an easy solution to many problems

Kitchen Gardening, an easy solution to many problems

By Iqra Zehra


Mass Communication students of Karachi University recently organized a seminar on a topic titled as from Soil to Seed.

A participant, Tofiq Pasha Moraj informed the participants that consuming fresh fruits and vegetables keeps the human body healthy.

 He said it is one of the most important and necessary things which may be exercised to stay healthy in life.

“When you pick the vegetables right from your garden, the vitamin content will be at its highest,” he told the participants.

Moreover, by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables one may avoid the risk of eating the vegetables which contain harmful chemicals, he further said.

Likewise, the ecosystem and biodiversity is another matter which could be kept intact in this process, Moraj further stated.

He said it helps to purify the oxygen besides promoting its production. He said that kitchen gardening is also helpful to preserve the soil and it can also solve the problem of scarcity of food easily.

Another speaker, Aslam Palkhi while addressing the participants said that by promoting ideas like it, some issues which are related with climate change can also be resolved.

The seminar was held under the supervision of the head of department Dr Fouzia Naz.

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