Karachi Police Contracting Coronavirus in Bulk

Karachi Police Contracting Coronavirus in Bulk

Little attention being paid to the families of police personnel who are falling victim to Coronavirus

Pak Chronicle Report


Large number of policemen of Sindh  Police deputed in Karachi is contacting the pandemic coronavirus rapidly as they are being tested positive against the pandemic coronavirus when tests are conducted.

Government of Sindh is paying little attention to the police personnel’s families’ tests and treatment at the moment and most of policemen after falling victim to the virus start getting paranoid as what would happen with their families.

Situation is becoming critical with the passage of every day in backdrop of rapidly increasing number of coronavirus cases in Karachi Police.

Police personnel deputed in Karachi are very rapidly contracting coronavirus and this situation becomes grave due to limited medical resources available to these personnel and for thier families.

According sources in the police department at least 16 police personnel have been detected positive with coronavirus at the Police Station of Shah Faisal Colony.

Almost same is the case with PS Shahrah-e-Noor Jahan where six police personnel have been tested positive with coronavirus. This is also learnt that a police constable has also scrummed to the pandemic of this police station.

According these sources Sub- Inspector (SI) of the police, Shahzad Tanoli who is deputed at the PS Shahrah-e-Noor Jahan has also been tested positive with coronavirus on Friday.

After the death of a police constable at this police station the higher authorities of police deemed it necessary to conduct tests of entire staff of the police station.

The result of these tests established that six policemen were coronavirus positive. This situation is alarming and authorities concerned need to tackle it on war footing basis to protect these personnel and their families against the pandemic.

After being tested positive SI Shahzad Tanoli quarantined himself in his home and he is taking all measures which are necessary at the moment.

However, he is very disturbed about the wellbeing of his family at the moment.

“In fact at the moment he cares more about his family than himself. He wants all safety measures and medical facilities for his family members,” sources said.

According to these sources SI Tanoli had no symptoms of coronavirus at all. However, despite not having any symptoms when he was tested he was found positive.

Now he is worried about wellbeing of his children and his spouse and looking towards authorities concerned to take measures to provide medical facilities to him and his family members.


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