Jemima Khan turns matchmaker

Jemima Khan turns matchmaker

Jemima Goldsmith also known as Jemima Khan turns matchmaker for a Pakistani couple

By Pak Chronicle Web Desk


Jemima Goldsmith who is also known as Jemima Khan on account of being ex-wife of Imran Khan has revealed her role as a matchmaker which she recently played for arranging a marriage for a Pakistani couple.

The filmmaker and screenwriter Jemima Khan has revealed this new angle of her life during her chat with a TV news channel.

During her interview with the news channel she was of the view that she is also a good match-maker and only recently she played part in the relationship arrangement of a Pakistani couple.

“I am good at arranging them (arranged marriages), I have arranged a new one,” Jemima revealed to the media outlet.

The ex wife of the former premier of Pakistan stated that these were two Pakistani friends she had brought together recently.

She had expressed hope that this matchmaking would culminate in marriage soon.

“It’s not quite at the marriage stage but it’s going to, it’s going to end in marriage. It’s two Pakistani friends, I have become a crazy megalomaniac when it comes to arranged marriages and now I think I can arrange any marriage,” the media outlet quoted her.

Responding to a query she seconded  the view that she considers herself a Pakistani style matchmaker.

She stated that arranged marriages are still relevant in this era if they are based on mutual understanding.

Recently Jemima Goldsmith, 49, had also expressed her thoughts on her views about the arranged marriage. She had revealed how she wishes she’d had an arranged marriage.

According to Wikipedia, born at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, Jemima Goldsmith is the eldest child of Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart and financier Sir James Goldsmith (1933–1997).

Her mother belongs to an aristocratic Anglo−Irish family, and she is the daughter of the 8th Marquess of Londonderry. On the other hand, Jemima’s father was the son of a business tycoon.

Her parents were married to different partners at the time of her birth, but they married each other in 1978 in order to legitimize their children.

Jemima has two younger brothers, Zac Goldsmith and Ben Goldsmith, and five paternal and three maternal half-siblings, including Robin Birley and India Jane Birley.

Jemima Goldsmith had married Imran Khan in 1995 and this marriage had lasted for around 10 years  when it had  ended in divorce.


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