Jahangir Tareen allegedly patronizing criminals involved in murder case

Jahangir Tareen allegedly patronizing criminals involved in murder case

Pak Chronicle Report


Leader of ruling Pakitan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), Jahangir Khan Tareen has been alleged of backing and patronizing accused involved in murder of a woman in the area of Lodhran.

Asma Gul who is niece of Ali Muhammad Shakir was allegedly killed by strangling her throat by her in-laws in the vicinity of Kahror Paka, Lodhran on December 4, 2019.

Ali Muhammad Shakir who is the paternal uncle of Asma maintains that her niece was killed by her in-laws relatives and by that she was pregnant.

Currently, Shakir sitting in front of National Press Club Islamabad along with his family members to protest against unfair treatment of police and to get due justice for his niece.

He told Pak Chronicle that her niece Asma Gul was married to Dilshad in Kahror Paka, Lodhran and she also had two sons.

He states that when he was informed about the death of her niece he made a phone call to Police Station Dhanot, Kahror Paka and DSP of the area himself arrived on the crime scene to investigate the matter. He claims that the police got enough evidences from the home of the in-laws of Asma that it was the matter of killing.

According to him later he took body of Asma after postmortem to home to make arrangements of her burial and she was buried on December 5, 2019 in a graveyard.

Shakir says after her burial when he got back to Lodhran to know progress in the case he found that police attitude had completely changed. He said he learnt that the police instead to register the case under section 302 of CrPC, had register the case under section 174 which deals with cases of unnatural deaths only.

When Shakir tried to know as why police was supporting the criminals he learnt that in-laws of her niece had the support of Jahangir Khan Tareen. “I was threatened that police may register criminal case against me (Shakir) but it would never register the case against the involved criminals because they were being patronized by Tareen,” he maintains.

Two months later according to him the forensic report of the case also confirmed that Asma was deliberately and brutally killed.

After facing failure to get justice despite making several attempts he came to National Press Club Islamabad to register his protest against this unjust treatment. Throughout the day he keeps sitting along with his family alongside the fence of the club on footpath.

When night falls his family spends it in a tent erected in the adjacent plain area of the club.

He is demanding justice from the higher authorities including the Prime Minister of Pakistan and vows to keep sitting over there till justice is served.






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