Issue of removal of stray dogs

[wp_ad_camp_1] Issue of removal of stray dogs

By Zaib Azkaar Hussain


It is so strange that the rabid dogs are not being removed from the thickly populated areas of the city. Besides the acute shortage of ‘anti-rabies vaccine’ is causing painful deaths of those bitten by the stray dogs. As many as 11 people mostly children (who were bitten by rabid dogs), have been died in Karachi. It is regrettable that the dog bite incidents are on the rise but the serious issue of removal of stray dogs from the major cities of the Sindh province, was not addressed by the authorities concerned.

Among the dead children, a 12-year-old boy Kashif Sohrab hailed of Thatha district. Unfortunately the boy was bitten by a rabid dog a month earlier but he remained untreated due to which as his health deteriorated, he was brought to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) but doctors failed to save his life and he got expired within an hour of his arrival at the JPMC. The doctors determined the cause of his death as ‘full-blown Rabies Encephalitis’ and because of ‘dog-borne lethal disease’. Some six children died at the JPMC, whereas while five mostly children died at Indus Hospital. Some 6,000 dog bite affected people have already been provided treatment but the shortage of the Vaccine and other medicines is hindering the full treatment of the patients at this stage.

Ironically the doctors term the situation as helpless due to non-availability of due vaccine which is necessary to administer to a patient of dog-borne lethal disease. It is argued that certain Indian firms responsible for provision of the same medicines have suspended their supply to Pakistan due to their other global market priorities. On the other hand there were reports that more than 80,000 dog bite incidents have been taken place in major cities of the Sindh province. In Karachi more than 16,000 people mostly children were bitten by the stray dogs. The Health Department of Sindh has directed the commissioners concerned to take effective measures to remove stray dogs from the city but nothing has happened in this regard as yet.



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