Islamabad Police gets finger prints identification technology

Islamabad Police gets Finger prints identification technology

Criminal record of any person may be traced out through software technology at ICT police pickets

Pak Chronicle Report


Police of Islamabad capital territory (ICT) has introduced and provided a software technology at its pickets to identify the whereabouts of any person with the help of finger prints.

This software technology would help the Islamabad Police to identify stolen vehicles, absconders of law and the persons who have the criminal record anywhere in Pakistan.

Introduction of this software is part of police reforms and now the police would be able to trace out criminal elements at its pickets.

Earlier to investigate some person due to any suspicion the police had to take that particular person to the police stations. This tactic was consuming a lot of manpower and resources.

However, now this technology would ease the working of the police at its pickets.

The police may now about the data of any particular person who happens to pass through a check post and the police feel necessary to check his/her credentials for verification purposes.


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